Zhongshan Koray Opto- Quantum Board Review (alibaba)

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by spartanGREEN, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. I purchased this light 6 weeks ago and wanted to give a quick review because it is from a supplier that is rarely talked about, and they have some pretty cool lights.

    Overall I am satisfied. It took a little longer then I planned to receive the item, but the communication with the company was great. One LED has recently burned out, but I am hoping this is just an anomaly. I believe they are legit samsung 301b, but if not please let me know, since I am far from an expert in these lights.

    300w 320w Samsung Lm301 Meanwell 3000k 6000k Lm301h Hydroponic Full Spectrum Led Quantum Board Horticulture Plant Grow Light Kit - Buy High Quality Led Grow Light,Indoor Led Grow Light,Cob Led Grow Light Product on Alibaba.com

    I am a first time grower, doing it for fun. Everything is growing so I give the light 5 stars.

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  2. few more pics

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  3. They are claiming that is the lm301h
    Samsung's newest version the h stands for horticultural. No one but a sure enough industry expert would be able to tell if they are authentic or a clever copy hobbyist like us don't stand a chance.
    That sucks about the burn out maybe that won't go any further. Sounds like your enjoying it and that's what it's about to me

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