Zeus OG ( first grow )

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    Zeus OG (FIRST GROW)
    - was using a 75 WAAT bulb out of a desk lamp until about 3 days ago.
    - transplanted from solo cup a few days ago due to size.
    - now using a 300 WAAT LED - hopefully this does better for it (growing wise,etc.)

    Day 34 today since seed was put into soil after germinating.
    (I feel like the plant would be much better If i was using a 300 WAAT LED from the very beginning.

    - honestly wasn't prepared because i wasn't expecting my seed to grow after germination.
    :) happy growing
    ( any input would be greatly appreciated and I am glad to be a part of grass city) :)
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  2. Welcome to the boards and to growing MJ! I agree with you in saying that the plant would be "bigger" if it would have been under the LED from day 1. With that said, it looks healthy so keep up the good work!

    I don't see that you mentioned anything about it being an autoflower...if it's not then its size at this point in kind of irrelevant since you can veg it for as long as you like.

    Good luck!
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  4. Happy growing sir
  5. Yeah, I mean it could be....but my experience is most bagseeds seem to be photos. I dunno if you know the difference but short answer is.........autoflowers start to flower and grow until harvest no matter the light schedule.....photo-period plants go into flowering based on the light schedule.

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