Zephyr Ion Or Volcano Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by smoke4life, Jun 14, 2013.

  1. First off, I KNOW! I KNOW!
    Yes, I did USE the search engine! Unfortunately, my question has not been answered
    Specifically, I'm looking for someone who has used BOTH the Ion and the Volcano, but I welcome all feedback!
    So, I'm looking to get a bag-style vape. Either the Ion or the Volcano. I once owned a Volcano I LOVED it. One too many vaking sessions later, I elbowed it right off a desk and onto tile floor. The heating element never would heat up properly after that 
    R.I.P. Dexter the vape. 2007-2010
    Anyways. I completely disposed of the broken unit because I was on an anti-aluminum craze (still not sure how I feel about the aluminum-based heater. Smelled like a hair dryer when I went into it)
    A few years later, I discovered the ceramic-based Ion is back on the market. I know a head shop willing to go 300$ flat for it, brand new. Then I got to thinking...I loved that volcano so much, if it's truly the better choice, I wouldn't mind paying the extra $$$. It was so easy to use, and so well-built. Plus, I won't lie, having another Volcano would give me very pleasant nostalgia...
    Regardless, I feel I've ranted enough
    Does anyone have any input?
    Peace, love, light


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