Zephyr Ion Now Open Source

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  1. For those of you who have been out of the know, the Zephyr Ion has a USB port which for the longest time was just an enigma. Recently however Zephyr Vaporizers has been developing a beta application to run off any Windows PC to allow remote control of the Ion including fun stuff like automatic shutdown. 
    While controlling your vaporizer from the computer is a novelty, it's not entirely practical which is why I asked Zephyr to release the source code for the PC application. I was met with enthusiasm and was given the source code and encouraged to share it.
    I'm not sure how many of you here are developers, but if it peaks your interest here is the link to the source code for the PC app.
    Source Code: http://www.zephyrize.com/downloads/source/Vaporizer_win32-x86_64.zip
    I'll be pushing out an actual API in the coming weeks so check back for further updates.

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  3. Would be really badass if someone would develop some cool software for this. The beta software is extremely basic, only allowing you to turn it on/off, adjust temperature, and turn the fan on or off. For now I'm using team viewer on my phone to control while it's hooked to my desktop and it works really well.

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