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  1. Hello Everyone,

    Just here to introduce the Zenpen - A sleek pen vape for herbs!

    This past Christmas my engineering friends and I decided that there was a lot of room for improvement in the portable vaporizer market, after 6 months of development this is the result.


    -Ultra portable: Size of a fountain pen
    -Fast: Heats up to 210 C in ~ 5secs
    -Convenient: Snap on magnetic usb charger allows for charging while vaping
    -Durable: Made of stainless steel, the Zenpen is practically indestructible
    -Powerful: Li-Pol battery allows for hi power heating, long battery life 4+ hours!
    -Precise: User adjustable micro-processor controlled temperature, never burn your herb!
    -Safe: Clean vapor path, heating element is medical grade brass
    -Discrete: Looks like a stylish pen! 
    -Aesthetic: Sleek design, available in a range of colours or metal finish
    -Ergonomics: Tactile mechanical click button


    We've worked hard to make the Zenpen the stealthiest, toughest and most powerful portable vape possible.

    To use the Zenpen:
    -Unscrew the front, insert herbs, screw together, and click on the button
    -The red LEDs will light up signalling that it is heating, when the LEDs turn blue, its ready to go!

    What's next?

    We have completed our final round of prototyping and are planing to launch a kickstarter campaign this July to raise funds in order to set up manufacturing and cover tooling costs. Our kickstarter backers will be able to purchase one of the first Zenpen's for only $99.

    To follow our development and be notified of our launch date, check out our blog
    http://zenpenvapor.com/ or facebook https://www.facebook.com/zenpenvapor

    We thank you in advance for your support and welcome any questions or feedback you might have!

    -The Zenpen Team
  2. Looks great, why haven't anyone replied to this thread? Their doing a T-Shirt contest and if they choose your shirt you get a free Zenpen. I'll post my picture to show you guys my idea.
  3. Do you have any videos of a prototype in action?
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    Here it is, I didn't know to open the .psd files you guys provided. So I used Paint. I got lazy with the orange shirt and the word "Sword" should have a sword going through it and the brown thing is supposed to be a joint but wouldn't let me paint white on white. The grey stuff is smoke.
  5. Do I vote for you Akademicks?
    Thanks, just trying to get some blades to do the same thing. I've been looking for a pen vape and I hope this one is a dream come true.
  7. Hey Zenpen any other way of changing the temperature without unscrewing the top?

    Seems it Could be a nucense any more info on how it works?

  8. Looks dope dude! When vaporizing your herb, how noticeable is the smell?
  9. I'm with FloridaCrip, videos of the unit in action.
    Sounds promising, but words are only worth so much.
  10. Depending how hot you set it but its no way near smoke

    Some say its a burnt popcorn smell

    Minor tho you won't be caught :)
  11. hey this is just a few quick ideas kept it simple clean and efficient, which reflects your product! Also if its just the name people would be like hey whats zenpen and google it more than if they just saw an image! 
    lime green 
    plain white
    plain white but with the rear logo a bit lower
    and had to do a higher logo with a colour so you get the idea lol 
    let me know what yall think! just did it quickly using chrome photoshop
    not to bad bro maybe make it a bit cleaner 
    well the specs look very damn promising and the material their using is top notch...plus its made by engineers who like to vape not just dudes looking to make money, so hoping it changes the game! and 99$ is a steal! vs 250 for pax, etc 
    I like the lime green shirt. Looks cool, did you email it to them?
    I'll try, i'm new to this lol. I was using paint.
    This better?

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