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Zelda- Ocarina Of Time

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Original Tonika, Aug 30, 2018.

  1. There are also edited emulators out there that use the assets of the game to tell a different story; I haven't explored much of these because I think the game is great without them but I am sure there are some things worth checking out if you beat the game and get bored.
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  2. And yeah, BotW is a worthy successor to OoT in almost every way and is definitely worth checking out.
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  3. Thanks for the info :) I will have to try BotW soon.

    Whats your favorite level on OoT tho?

  4. I played this game back when there was really no strategy guide or videos on how to do things, so figuring everything out for myself was probably the most fun of this game; you really cannot commit that type of time to a game these days, it just gets blah after a while.

  5. True lol. Lol I have it all memorized on OoT tbh.

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    Completed the Fire temple a few days ago lol ik there was a reason its one of my favorites. It was too much fun. Also that Dragon Boss Volvagia is cool af. We going to play the Ice Cave and Water temple tonight after the kids go to sleep!

  7. I feel like I'm one of the few people who think the Shadow Temple was way fuckin worse than the Water Temple lol
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  8. Why do you say that? :)

  9. I never really found the water temple all that confusing... it was a bit disorienting i guess but i never struggled too hard with it. The shadow temple is just annoying lol tons of ReDeads and Gibdos, those fucking shadow hands too.

    But the real reason.... Bongo-mother fucking-Bongo
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  10. Lol I agree with you on that lol I hate how the ReDeads and Gibdos can freeze you just by looking and then they attack and stay on for some time! Bongo Bongo is def annoying too. I completed the water temple last night and the only problem I ever have with it is Dark Link smh. Every time I can never kill him I always need my husband to do it.

    What do you think of the Fire Temple tho? Its one of my favorites!

  11. I love the fire temple. I love most of the game outside of the stupid frustrating parts. Especially the parts with time limits like the horse back bow and arrow thing and getting biggorrons sword lol
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  12. Yea oml that last long run from Lake Hylia to the top of Death Mountain is wild! Just to give the Big Goron his eye drops smh lol.

  13. Had that and ocarina of tome on n64 got twilight princess on wii and i want breath of the wild loved the ones on n64 when i was like 13 lol and still do got my 8yearold to play and id help lol

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  14. Thats cool you have kids to teach the games too OML. I bet you are a cool dad! lol I let my 7 y/o daughter play OoT as well she just likes attacking tings with the weapons tho lol. Her favorite game is Mario Kart.

  15. I was 7 when i got my 64

    Such glorious days
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  16. Nice one! what where your first games you ever got? I was about that age when I got mine as well!

  17. Mine love mario kart haha especilly wiiu version they also like plants vs zombies but thats the only shoot game they play mi e craft is a fave too but my boy has a 3ds so can play zelda on that and i get to help /play hes quite good with it he listens and reads everything

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  18. Loved majoras mask and the zoras mask and swimm fast and jump out the water:)

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  19. Double post
  20. Super Mario 64 and pilot wings were the first 2 i had i think haha
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