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  1. Hi. Not sure if this belongs in here...(first post.) If anyone has seen the video "Loose Change" you might find the "Zeitgeist" movie is an eye opener as well...if you have the time to watch zeitgeist please do. It's close to two hours long. The whole introduction I was just biting my lip afraid like I really...really dont want to watch this...

    Im new here and apologize if this has already been posted, I thuoght this could spark some conversation.
  2. I have been meaning to watch it, I will later tonight.
  3. this movie is currently blowing my mind. i will pick it all back up and then smoosh it around a reply in this thread once i am done watching. i highly recomend this already.
  4. fuck.

    i cant even really comment on this film.

    all i can say is this movie has made me so angry, even more angry then i already was, and i already knew everything the movie was talking about, but it collaborated it all so brilliantly into one movie. better than loose change, more concise than freedom to fascism...

    this movie has made me so angry. never once have i had such hatred towards another person or people, but i want to destroy what is happening. i want to kill those responsible.

    i am absolutely livid right now. as soon as the movie got to the part about the north american union and the amero, i literally had to pause each part just to think. i cant beleive this is happening, and it really is happening.

    the religion part was more interesting than thought provoking. im already an athiest, so the argument against the existance of any fictitious religious figure is just "facts" in my mind. what got me thinking was the examples given by the author such as the incident leading up to vietnam, which i was unaware, or simply ignorant of, the start of americas involvement in WW1 which is something i knew a lot about, as well as the prior knowledge of the attack on pearl harbor.

    i had some more shit to say but fuck, i am sort of at a loss for what to think right now. i just realized i have a passport with a trackable RFID chip in it.

    i know its paranoid but i dont know if i can deal with all thsi shit, im fuckin scared enough already, and now i cant even run to canada.

    where the fuck will i run when all this happens and theres no liberty left
  5. fuck. im seriously paraniod as fuck now. wtf is going on
  6. Best documetory ive ever seen. EVER.

    Ive recently bought a few copies on DVD and have been passing them around work/school/friends. Not one single person hasnt like it yet. It opens so many eyes it just rediculous.

    Btw, I have personaly researched many of the topics/details/quotes that are in the movie and they are 100% accurate. Even the quotes from the bible are dead on.

    Very good watch to those illusioned by the surrounding world.

  7. I know exactly how you feel, after seeing this I have a fear for all of humanity. Almost like.. you don't feel real. It's a very scary feeling... It's like my instinct is telling me something, like WOW, this cannot go on if we are ever going to survive, more people need to be informed if anything is going to change... time is wasting. This is the beginning of our end. I couldnt help but cry for us... Its so disgusting and unnatural how they feed off of war and are slowly but surely taking away our rights as human beings... I feel like something needs to be done to stop this while we still can, before we can't even decide for ourselves anymore. I'm scared for my children, childrens children....our entire species. I felt the need to post it here cause I was sure there are like minded people who feel they must act on this... I felt the need to do SOMETHING.. even posting this here makes me feel like I might be helping... We have to do somethin' guys.... I don't know what exactly but we have to show them that continuing on like this is ultimately the destruction of our entire species. There will be nothing left of us. That scares the shit out of me, but at the same time it makes me feel serene knowing a species as greedy and merciless as our own will eventually cancel ourselves out. Theres SO much good and love to be had in this world, but theres an equal if not bigger amount of evil, and you can guess what evil combined with power creates. Whats even more sad, is that they must KNOW that this can lead to nowhere except the extinction of all of us, but because it wont affect their lifetime, or the money in their pockets next week, they're not thinking about the future, or caring. Or maybe they're just fucking stupid. How can you not care that you're killing people with bombs to make yourself money? Thats not even human to me. They're something else. I have no fucking idea what, they're materialistic brainwashed bastards who just don't give a fuck about anyone but themselves. I'm trying to spread the word about thsi video best I can. After seeing it I feel so demeaned, like my ideas/hopes/concerns about saving this world and making it a better place are not even close to the real problems, and don't mean anything compared to whats going on. I cant even stand to watch TV anymore, its just incessant bickering that doesnt make a difference, a mere illusion. My biggest fear is that we will continue living in fear and ignorance, under of the image of Terrorism and stay unaware of the 'real terrorists' and their true motives. I'm not exactly sure why but the quote "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" IMO applies to this video. I feel like people are so easily manipulated into believing other than the truth ...because they think their sources couldn't possibly lie to their own kind, their the sources they have known and trusted for years for updates and the 'truth', 'like seriously dude, why the fuck would the government lie to us you paranoid jerk?' I am truely scared for our future, beyond the days that I live to see, so worried that we will fail. I see us all disintegrating, becoming extinct. We'll never advance like this. What kind of future do they see for us? Controlled. Thats not the way... These aren't the people that will help make the world a better place, they would see it in ruins and only care about the money they profited from it in the end. Even if *I* personally do not change this world or make it better, I feel it is my job, as a human who actually gives a shit what is down the road for us all, to see that others do. Sorry if this offends anyone, I never post on forums so I didnt know what kind of feedback to expect from this.. I believe this video to be truly informing, educational.. along with exceptionally depressing.
  8. we need to uprise and take over the government. we need a huge militia to storm the whitehouse and wipe out every member of government
  9. this shit has been happening from day 1...its just that most people fail to see whats really going on in the world. some actually choose to ignore the truth, some are in fear and choose to deny the truth...fuck it, its all gonna crash down on it's self sooner or later.
  10. i think everyones just too concerned with "getting by" staying low to just live there lives ironically enough for their kids but in the process of "just trying to get by" they dont realize they are effecting their kids future lives by 1. not voting because "my vote doesnt make a difference" 2. being to lazy to say or do anything 3. ignorance.
  11. i have no problem with that but we are going to need a lot of people...

    gathering a suitable amount of people to take our government back would take a lot and is probably impossible because majority of people in america are brainwashed.

    we need to start planning now because im pretty sure the 2008 presidential election is going to be rigged infact as much as i want ron paul in as president its never going to happen the people behind the scenes pull the strings, but what are we going to do after that ? i think if ron paul doesnt win we definately need to gather together and take back whats ours. i laugh at how funny it is that its really not hard if everyone just revolted. but even then if we did get our country back to the hands of the people who would we place in those empty government spots to run it ?
  12. After the wars in the Middle East and the addition of the Middle East Union the World Union the IMF and World Bank will control all the world's money supply. They will then re-legalize hemp, first in the North American Union giving us a jump start giving the Amero and Advantage over the EU, Pan Asian, Middle East and African Unions. Those countries will then follow suit a few years to decades later only to be borrowing money for said production from the IMF and World Bank.

    The United States built it's wealth on hemp production just like every other decent civilization in the world did for the past 3500 years... they then tricked the US Congress, the American people, and the entire world into thinking that it is a bad thing. With zero evidence no less... just guns.

    These bankers knew that the world would easily be able to follow suit and get rich off this natural renewable infinite wealth. Well, that's fine and dandy so long as all that cash flow goes through their pockets. The world's cash flow no matter what we do is about to be in control of a few bankers.

    They won't care what we do with our laws then.

    I forget who said but the quote went...

    "Give me a Nation's money supply and I care not who makes it's laws."

    These bankers along with the US Armed Forces have just taken it one step beyond... they've almost got the world's money supply.
  13. i think that was rockefeller.

    but yea, we need lots of guns and an army
  14. I'm no doubt angry about this too, but I dont believe any more violence will help. Look how much damage it has caused already. We should try to prove to them that killing is not the solution. But.. in a way, after seeing this movie I feel like the government would have my head in a second if they knew that I know what I know. I feel like I know 'too much' or something. Seriously.. we could use this information to change things for the better, and thats really not what they want.
  15. ehh, i just think we need to kill them all. start fresh.
  16. EXACTLY. THE world needs to gather together and fight this bullshit. we as americans need to start now to pave the way because soon we wont have the oppurtunity to, times running out.
  17. i hope those motherfuckers up in CIA are getting big red flags from all my posts about killing so i can pop some homeland security agents in the face when they try and kick down my door late tonight!

    ill kick down the door before they break it in and blow their brains out with a 12 gauge and be all like "yea motherfucker, this is MY homeland security BITCH!"

    just kidding, i dont really advocate the use of violence against the political leaders, unless of course, something were to happen that would change my opinion on that.
  18. and if those were bigger images, that would be cooler, ive seen them before, its very scary, i really dont like to think this is really happening, but it is.
  19. Hmmm, not too great of an idea to say on a public forum.

    If any of you were serious abou rebellion, the internet is the LAST place you should ever mention anything even remotely close to it.

    Don't want to get detained for an "undetermined amount of time" for being an "enemy combatant" do you?

    The legislation is already passed, they're waiting for a catalyst to really pump up the police state. I say enjoy your freedoms now, they ain't gonna last long.

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