Zeitgeist: Your Views of Everything Will Change

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  1. Zeitgeist is a scary movie. Scary in the fact that it truly, I mean TRULY, makes you question Jesus Christ and the Bible. It also goes over the 9/11 attacks and what truly happened. Last but not least, it covers government and wars. This movie opened my eyes to new things.

    I can't do much explaining. Go to www.zeitgeistmovie.com

    Free downloads. It's all over the internet. Check this movie out; you won't regret it.


    Hope everyone enjoys!

  2. I was actually looking forward to watching until you said it questioned 9/11 from happening. Loosechange did that. They also made a movie that is completely false.
  3. the entire first part of zeitgeist is pretty much bullshit
  4. It's really interesting.
    Very inaccurate but quite interesting to watch.
  5. There's also TONS of truth in there. You just need to be able to distinguish it. It's still a very profound movie.
  6. Yeah there's quite a lot of truth behind the banking system and economic hitmen but the 9/11 views are still absurd in my opinion and whether Jesus is based on other religions seems completely irrelevant.
  7. oh damn, this christianity shit is fuckin hilarious. i would love to see some people's different reactions to this.
  8. i agree, its VERy interesting to watch, especially for the first time. especially high:p
    i gotta admit i was freaking out when i saw it (really really blazed, alone at like 2am)
    but then i thought about it a bit, i watched it again and i think you should not believe a lot of it (just like any other movie... any other propaganda..). good movie though
  9. Every so often some zeitgeist convert comes in here believing we haven't seen the movie.

    Its been discussed so many times that I'm sick and tired of it.

    So my standard response: it is all bunk and conspiracy drivel.

    Don't believe me? Thought not. Here are some links that anyone thinking zeitgeist got any relation to reality might dive into. If one apprecieate facts and not conspiratory fiction ofcourse:

    Part 1

    Part 2

    Part 3

    All very well researched and sourced. Unlike the movie itself.
  10. not trying to defend the movie, but this website isnt that great i think. one of the reasons i dont like it is their sources. lots of wikipedia and random little websites. not all of it but still. cant trust anyone, maaan!
  11. You can never know the real truth.
  12. what's life for???
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    I personally feel Zeitgeist is a very good movie to watch, as long as you aren't a person who either A: believes everything you are told or B: dismisses anything that goes against your established beliefs. A little skepticism mixed with an open mind can go a long way.

    Sure you can. You just have to look for it. Read between the lines. The truth is true no matter what, so when you find it you will see it everywhere.

  14. first part is not really bullshit. It sounds kinda true but still questioning about that.

    3/4th of that movie is full of shit. 9/11 is a stage, the central bankers talk is true. well the last part, is the truth best part.
  15. RFID chip = bs
    NWO = bs
    9/11 = i do not know for sure, but its not so black and white that they planned it
    FED = true, but they are not succeeding as much as this film makes you believe
    anti Bible = some true some misconstrued, kinda stupid though to launch a logic attack on an old book of parables

    Once you get into conspiracy theories and start being skeptic that everything you knew was a lie, you also have to be skeptic that everything you're thinking and reading now is a lie too. Too much bullshit in all this, just live happy in the present moment.
  16. How do you know what you see is the truth? How do you know it could be another lie? How do you know reality isn't some construct of stray thoughts?
  17. Try laying out beneath the stars one night and question everything you have ever been told. You won't know, but you might begin to understand.
  18. Zeitgeist makes a connection between crime and a monetary system..
    They discredit humans as being born corrupt or evil..saying it is all the product of the environment they grow up around..

    Well that is partly true..
    But they COMPLETELY cast aside mental disorders and mental instability.
    I've often felt like going crazy and any of the times that I have felt that way have been because of raw anger and not a lack of money.
  19. I questioned from the time I was 5, by the time I was 13, I denounced :p

    Zeitgeist won't catch me off guard there, lol
  20. hah, yeah. i feel like all functioning adults should be past all that bullshit.

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