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Z-Pak mixed with edibles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by krunkpirate, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Can a Z-Pak(Azithromycin) be mixed with edibles? I dont wanna smoke for fear of making my bronchitis worse. Also I know diarrhea is normal with antibiotics but any suggestions of food that would help?

    P.S. because I'm immature I have to say it before someone else does, diarrhea teehee:p
    oh and forget bronchitis it sucks so bad.
  2. It's a serious question if Marijuana is a type of drug it could potentially have adverse effects when mixed with other drugs correct? I took a few hits earlier and I got pretty dizzy hence the concern...
  3. lack of oxygen. You got a hard enough time breathing with bronchitis, smoking anything won't help it out, that could be what made you dizzy. If you want you can call your doctor and ask for any known bad interactions between weed and you medicine.
  4. Took me over an hour to make the appointment over the phone not worth the effort :p
  5. Sorry I was high and didn't understand the question.
  6. Fo Real?!? nobody can answer this question? :confused: i'm sure somebody has mixed the 2 personally before.
  7. Well it mix's fine and I feel fine :hello:
  8. you can mix weed with em n be fine. and next time instead of a zpak, ask for promethazine. that shit gives such a body high, puts you on your ass, just mix in a snap or two. :)
  9. Nah, don't mix 'em, you'll probably die.

  10. Why would he take a sedative in place of an anti-biotic?

  11. he has bronchitis. promethazine can be prescribed to people with bronchitis, happens all the time.
    it just intensifies the body high, thats why i suggest it, it also suppresses any coughing or sore throat.

    just pour some of the syrup in a sprite bottle and throw some skittles in :D
    tastes like candy and puts you on couch lock like none other.
  12. Is this in reference to mixing Azithromycin and Edibles? I ate 3 firecrackers last night and it actually helped with the upset stomach caused by the Azithromycin.:confused:

  13. I think he was kidding

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