Z.O.B Rasta Double 8-arm tree percs,

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  1. Wut up guys thought i would start off the mourning posting some pics of the bong recently ive been thinking of selling it cause ive had some money problems. She rips like champ and is treated like one to. anyways blades think i should keep this beauty or sell her off prob would sell for around 300$

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  2. gtfo this isn't for selling.
  3. he's not selling he's asking?
    Calm down.

    Uhh id say keep it.
  4. ok I apologize.

    If I could sell that for 300 I would, because tbh that tube costs 200 around me.
  5. ya for real, if you could sell it for $300 go for it.
  6. You must not know a lot about bong reselling.

    You wont get anywhere near that price. Everyday I look on craigslist I see people overpricing their bongs because they bought it for a lot. You can sell it for that but it will not sell for a long time.

    Not to mention its zob which is the shittiest company ever (bought a 300$ double perc, frosted, 7mm, worked... joint broke first day, a month later the chamber broke, very cheaply made.)

    To be honest, expect $200, or less. Remember, most stoners spend their money on bud, and dont always shell out a few bills just for a pipe that smokes the same as any.

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