yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeaidontknow if ill ever like a single thing i paint

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Cali Ounces, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. so my roommate gave me this bulletin board before she moved out,
    said she wanted me to draw on it and just do whatever i want

    and up until two days ago it was sitting in my room, so i could stare at it and pretend like its not there. when i just got a hair up my ass to start on it (the hair, is what i call my ex roommate :p) and couldnt resist the urge.
    anyways i dont really know what it's supposed to be. . .
    its kinda weird. i hate it and i dont like talking about it so just look.


    the words spiraling are lyrics from a song by Third Eye Blind which is one of her most favorite groups, and the face is just a face. . . nobody in particular
    her names adub. .
  2. dude...don't hate on that, most people including myself could never come close to making that.

    Nice Job!
  3. I think that's a typical reaction to being an Artist. We suffer, but we can't stop creating art anyway. Get used to it. :) Your piece is pretty nice, try to distance yourself from it and look at it again; I bet you'll like it even more. Keep at it if you love doing it and don't worry about whether it's good or not.

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