yyyyyyyoooooooooo FFOF and COCO Coir>? can you mix them?

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  1. hey i got a 5 gal bucket that is filled like half way b/c i ran out of FFOF and was gonna pick up a new bag today, its also has some bananan peels and egg shells + some bat guano @ 9-5-3 i believe, but anyways i saw the new side forum on coco and really like what people have been saying and i was wondering if they mix w/ soil and if any1 has done that
  2. Many people add coco to mixes, whether custom or retail.

    Sunshine growers natural and organic is a good example, and a product I use with success.

    I would have to recommend that after running out of that ffof that you move on to something else, as the product is less than ideal in my opinion.

  3. ^ yea i think iam going to switch over to purly hydro and coco in the near future, maybe a drip system, but rite now i gotta work with what i got
  4. Simple answer is yes.

    But, please make sure u are posting in the right area. this Q should be in the newb section or maybe even coco, but not here..
  5. ^ ok, but whats the complex answer, do i have to keep em super hydrated or add certain nutes?
  6. Im no coco expert sorry.

    There IS a WHOLE section here dedicated to coco tho, maybe try there??

    The user "AskEd" that runs around here, and in the COCO FORUM, is damn near a coco god... he will be able to help u WAY WAY more than I ever could
  7. I would imagine you would be able to mix them but it might not be the best idea.
    Soil's ideal ph for the water is higher than coco's ideal ph. maybe bring the ph somewhere in the middle at like 6? just a thought :smoking:
  8. Hi there! I mix soil & coco all the time for my veggies, it's one of the best things you can do for soil :D

    When you mix coco & soil, you treat it as soil when it comes to ph. Coco will work as a soil conditioner and ph buffer almost and keep the soil right around 6.5 when you mix them in equal parts, it's pretty impressive.

    Coco will also help aerate the soil a bit and bring some of it's awesome water handling capabilities to the party. You will need to water more often, but you'll see some improved growth as more air gets to the roots.

    If you pick up a small brick of coco (usually less than $5 at the hydro store), it will expand to about 2 gallons, which is half of a 5 gal bucket since we normally only put 4 gallons of medium.

    Mix that with your half gallon of FFOF & guano and that's a righteous mix. The banana peels & egg shells sound very cool, I haven't used them myself. I will be testing these on my veg garden today though ;)

    Good luck!

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