yuri-san's first grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by yuri-san, Dec 1, 2003.

  1. hello in this thread i'll explain how my first grow worked out.

    i dint start from seed, i got a baby clone from a friend (it guaranteed me a female since i only wanted 1 plant)

    it is a Tangerine/Marley hybrid
  2. ok, heres what it looks like after a week

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  3. this is the setup i first had for it, i had to hide from my parents so i setup 2 fluo fixtures 4" long in a desk.

    the pic has only 1 fluo installed but i get the idea

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  4. lol then , 2 weeks after, the inevitable happenned, parents found out i had the plant....lots of trouble.....

    new setup, kinda tryed to prove i had nothing to hide from my parents.

    i put my 2 4" fluo fixtures under a shelf. Worked pretty well...

    NOTE: u can see the plant is slightly bent, thats becauswe i tyed it down while in the desk, it really looks like it helped make it bushier, see top view.

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  5. as i said it worked pretty well, the plant got bigger, of course i had repotted.

    heres a few pics

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  6. top view, much nicer this way

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  7. i put a board on the open side so the light reflects on it instead of loosing itself in the closet. (dunno if it really helps tho)

    pic without the board

    oh and i added a small fan to keep the air fresh

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  8. ok, i built some kind of growbox inside my closet.
    it'll eventuallt be able to hold 2-3 plants and have more lights.

    btw: flowers are starting to show and bud spots have white hairs all over.

    here a re pics of the setup

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  9. ok same setup but with the growbox's lights on and the room's lights off. i also openned the small door of the growbox.

    i pinned the plant towards the wall to get a maximum of light from the fluo

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  10. i'm really having trouble taking good pics of the flowers, my digi cam doesnt go too close and the pics arent too clear :(

    Here goes !

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  11. clearer?

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  12. at this point, the flowers smell a bit when u get close but nothing noticeable in the room or even closet. its been in 12/12 in the closet for 2 and a half weeks now and it seems like the white hairs grow everyday.

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  13. hehe well this plant has been through A LOT !

    i've posted everything i had on it since the start and now i'll be posting new pics when the flowers/buds are bigger and eventually dry samples.

    if u have any questions i'll do my best in answering them.

    thanks to Gr0wer for saving my plant from being a hermi!

  14. looking good! make sure you move that light right upto 1" from the buds so they get allot of light!
  15. yep i've got a clone in 24/24 separated from the original plant so it doesnt try to flower.

    Gr0wer, how do i get the light 1" from the buds? u mean getting the light as close to the cola as possible?

    btw its very close, it touches the neon at some spots but it doesnt burn or damage the leaves so its ok.


  16. sounds like you already have it covered. If you can get another light fixtue in there it would be awesome!
  17. yeah thats exactly what i was gonna do, another like that would be great.
    dunno about right now tho, i need $$$ for christmas presents and stuff.....
  18. well i just doubled the wattage for my plant with another 48" fluo fixture. Thought i'd give my plant an early Christmas present :D

    i'll post a pic of how i changed the setup tommorow night but i'm working from 9 to 9 (12 hours of work T_T) so i'm just gonna go sleep for now

  19. ok well i think the plant looked a bit big for the pot so i repotted today, not sure if i'm supposed to since its flowering but i want it to have enough room since i'm reveging after harvest.

    what do u think? was i wrong?

    btw buds are getting bigger i'll post pics as soon as i can


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