Yup, relativity is relative...wait what?

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  1. Okay so, this isn't complicated. I want to get a general weigh in from the smoking community about some things i've just read in relation to some information about Einstein's Theory of Relativity, nameley, an article that I found here: Gizmodo, the Gadget Guide and the location of the orignal text here: NASA Announces Results of Epic Space-Time Experiment - NASA Science

    Now I took a look around and don't see that anyone else has mentioned this recently, so if it has, don't mind me. I just really want the insight of some real peers: stoned scientists.

    Hooray for lifted thinking!:smoke:
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    Awe inspiring to say the least!! now that we have evidence of the 4th dimension of space and time, I wonder if that will spark new developments in cosmological theories such as M-theory? or is it possible to break the fabric of space and time to 'ascend' (used very loosely) to the 5th dimension. that could be black holes, unfortunately, to leave the 4th dimension we have to be condensed into mere energy? that would give support to M-theory as they stated in the video that life as we know it is not present but in only a few dimensions..:eek::eek::bongin: (gonna get links to the vids now..)

  3. ok my minds gone
  4. Its definately a great read. This has sparked some crazy ideas for me, involving navigation through space being made easier. And maybe even using the flow to harness energy from its spin..... unless im not understanding it properly because im too high. Lawl
  5. I feel like I need to learn quantum physics before I can try to explain any of these theories to other people. I never do them justice, and would love to be able to picture the implications of a 4th dimension and M theory.
    It's on my to-do list...

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