Yup, I fucked up good.

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  1. What you think? Cut this one and see what happens with the back plant.

    Went three days without water following a feeding, buds are crispy, hard lol. Tenth week of flower. Gave them all water three days ago, one or two new pistils on this front one. More on the back. A third plant is hanging as it was by far the worst.

    8872C3F9-55C4-41F8-BF3E-939B1A5198A8.jpeg 2B12DA39-CD30-40B1-AEE5-AB36B24F649B.jpeg E324DD5C-517F-4940-B3DE-06A59F5E41FF.jpeg 00A66243-DB2A-47F0-B412-29A64CC9DC0A.jpeg 3654798E-85A4-44A4-8587-23920C4EC796.jpeg 78709F59-6B10-4024-AEB0-D6D8401E8F4E.jpeg 44BBA36C-1900-4112-A74A-E6D71F681243.jpeg
  2. If it's in the 10 week of flower its gotta be close to done.....how to the trich's look??
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  3. I’m afraid to look, but never thought to. Good looking out!
  4. Imma have a look
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