yup ANOTHER nube 1 question for right now

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by lifted.again, Feb 12, 2009.

  1. im livin in south florida, townhouse, nice community, im going thinkin about throwin a single light set up 1 250 MH....should i be concerned about power usage being suspicious?

    thanks for the help, GC gets down
  2. No way man. You are definitely good, and you will probably barely notice it on your power bill even if you are running it 24/7. 250w really isn't that much. Even if you ran 1000w hps you would still be good, and your power bill wouldn't change all that much. It is only if you have a grow-op with a bunch of lights that attracts attention. Good luck on the grow.
  3. its amazing how many people ask this same question without searching or looking at the first 1-2 pages of threads :rolleyes:

  4. haha si senior
  5. It´s amazing how people ask the same questions repeatedly without..................

  6. hahaha i just laughed out loud
  7. thanks for the help dot....and everyone else, if the questions are such a waste of your time its funny how you still found time to comment on them, but i aint gonna bash you guys you all seem pretty helpful for the most part
  8. Some of us just can´t help ourselves!!
    But using a 250W lamp 18/6 is the same as buying a little 1 kW heater and using it 4.5 hours a day. No-one will notice anything.
  9. My PC uses more wattage than your little grow. Good luck and have fun.

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