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  1. I was gonna post this tomorrow when I build my grow box, but I'm excited cause I just ordered some Nothern Lights, whoo hooo!!:hello:
    Tomorrow I'll have some pics of my 2x2x2 grow box.

    Let me ask a question anyways, how do I calculate when to plant a new seed so I can always have weed for myself? (I smoke at night with my wife after a long work day, about 1gr each)

    Thanks guys for this awesome forum. :wave:
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    I'll tell you what you could do , you could buy some - Auto flowering seeds (feminised) these strains ( plants ) grow on a constant light schedule so you don't have to switch your light to 12/12 , They don't grow big ( 2ft max ) If you look them up , I'm sure you'll find out everything you need to

    Anyway these seeds Grow quickly , pretty much cutting out the ' veggin ' stage which I'll explain In a bit , So you could grow a few in a small space ( enough to keep you going till your nxt 1 Is done )
    Here's a link to the company I buy my seed from -

    I've Linked It straight to the Auto flowering section ( select a seed & read the info ) - Autoflowering Seeds - Pick 'n' Mix Cannabis Seeds

    Your second option (using regular seeds) - Is to have 2 rooms any size really , If you can have 1 bigger than the other as you will want to use the big box / room for flowering (12/12) & the other for veg'n ( 18-6 Or 24/0 )

    when a plant Is about a 1/3 of the size you want It to be when It's fully grown , turn the lights onto 12/12 - as the plant will grow a lot quicker / taller when the lights are switched to a schedule of 12/12.

    When you have veg'd (grown) your plant ( Light Schedule 18/6 ) - to the height you decide on , you then need to put the plant In the other room/box (for flowering ) On a light Schedule of 12/12, Then you plant will begin to flower.
    Within a week or two , you will see if your plant Is either Female / Male... you don't want a male plant I'm sure you know that ( Google how to sex a plant If you don't already know ) - Or ask when the times comes on here I'll gladly do my best to help.

    By having 2 rooms you can start growing another plant from seed / clone , In your Veg box ( light schedule : 18/6 ) While the plant you already grew Is In the Flowering box ( light schedule : 12/12 ) _ And you'll have a plant to smoke while a plant Is In your flowering box starting to bud - & a plant In the Veg box ...

    Hope I've been clear enough , Good Luck with your Grow : ]

    Time Is : :bongin::bongin::bongin: ......
  3. Thanks a lot man.

    I figured I needed another box for veg. I'll try the auto flowering seeds once these run out.

    I have almost everything down, one quick question: What's the minimum sized container (height wise) I can use? I'm planning to use a wide round container, maybe 12'' in diameter and 3''-4'' high, would this work? (planning to try THIS)

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    I found some cfls at a dollar store close to home, one says Day Light and another one says Soft White, the package doesn't say what temperature they are. Are these ok? I can buy a bunch of them.

    How small can I keep the flower pot for the final transplant?
  5. Got my seeds yesterday. Last night when I got back from school I put 3 in tupperware with paper towel, just checked them and they have popped. woot woot!!!

    I know, I know "pics or it didn't happen", I'll have some pics tonight with my hobo/stealth growbox.
  6. You want to buy a mix of the two ... & If you have 2 boxs 1 for veg'n
    1 for Flowering - you want day light ( 6500k ) In the Veg box

    Warm white / soft white ( 2700k ) - In your Flower Box : Or a mix of the two In both box's would be great for the plant - Try to have more - warm white / soft white ( 2700k ) bubls running In your flower box than day light bulbs ; ]

    GD Luck man =-]

  7. Hahaha , I don't understand people that say things like that " pics or It didn't happen " - - - : s

    Good Luck with your grow & build - :smoke:
  8. Thanks 'BongTime'.

    I just finished putting together the box, got my seeds planted in party cups with some clear plastic wrap on top.

    So my growbox is a 20x20x24, interior is aluminium foil (I know, I know, "don't use it, it'll burn the plants), 4 30w daylight cfls.

    I planted 3 seeds in Miracle Gro Seed Starting soil, the package says 0.05%N-0.01%P-0.05K%.

    Hopefully by the time they get to flowering I will have a much better flower box in my closet. Maybe I will keep the hobo grow box for mother and clones.

    Now lets toke. :D
  9. Yeah man good luck with everything , hope all goes well for you ... :wave:
  10. Morning guys, out of the 3 seeds that were planted yesterday, 2 have sprouted out of the dirt already, whoo hooo!
  11. I guess this will be my journal too.

    All three seeds have sprouted, everything looks fine, temperature is steady at 85-87F.

    I have 2 Northern Lights, and 1 C99. I just read some threads on the high of C99 and it seems I'm gonna love it.

    Anybody else check their plants like every 30mins? :D

  12. ahaha ' legend ' of course There will be 1000's of people If not Millions Checking on there plants every half hour maybe even the same half hour ;]

    Mad I know but I'm sure there will be lol =-o

    I still check on them frequently but I have my closet door open all the time ( except dark hours of course ) So I can just look over & see them Its nice man Seeing the plant grow from 2 little leaves to a bush or a tree Is something special & If you haven't experienced It yet ... You will because once a Grower always a grower , doesn't have to be Just growing pot - But I'll always be spending my spare time In the Grow Room , Improving & Just checking on them like you say

    Are you worrying about them or just checking ... ?
    I mean are you worried about heat ( as nearly 90f ) sounds abit high not going to kill your plant but It could cause some slight stress man

    Goood Luck with It all - I hope all goes well for you man
  13. Alright, time for some updates.
    Plants are looking ok. No burning or yellowing...for now. :)

    Looks like my kids saw my grow, I dunno how, they're sneaky little bastards. Somehow they opened my room, climbed on something in order to peek inside my growbox which is on top of my closet which is 6 ft high. So I had to go and buy some flower seeds and tell them the plants they saw were flowers I planted as a suprise gift for their mother. :D

    Now I have to move my grow to a 'shoe' closet, which is a closet I use for storing papers and other shiznit. This weird little closet measures 6ft high, 3ft wide and only 1ft deep, yeah only 1ft deep, pretty weird huh.

    Anywho, now I can use the SOG method like some guy in the forum does; greenpants or something like that. He grows like 70 plants, each in 2 liter (or is it 1 liter?) soda bottles and puts them into 12/12 right after clones have rooted.

    I'm gonna divide that closet in 2, 3ftX3ftx1ft (HxWxD) each. 1 for veg and 1 for flowering.

    Now, my questions are; what is the technique called where I only want a main cola? If we take into consideration that I would be probably pruning the other branches and keeping the main cola, what pot size should I use?

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    Alright, lets revive this thread.

    This thread will be my journal I guess.

    I lost my camera so the only thing I have is my netbook webcam and took some pics with it.

    I know, they suck.

    Plants have about 2 weeks and 2 days aprox. They were transplanted to Roots Organic soil. When I got home from work, I found one plant bended all they way down to the soil, it's the one that looks all droopy. My wife told me that maybe it was the cat. :mad:

    Today I fed them for the first time with half dose of Dyna-Gro Grow.

    Having problems with my temperatures. Like I've said, my heating is controlled by the 1st floor apartment and sometimes it gets really hot in here. Highest temp has been 96F, but for like an hr (somehow my fan was off).

    Does anybody know if it's possible to suck air through a 1'' hose or a little bigger?

    Oh I forgot to say that my grow box is 3ft high - 2ft wide - 1ft deep. 6 30w daylight CFL. There are 2 CFLs directly above each plant.

    1 more question, what could be the best pot size for this space? (3 plants, 1 main cola, no lst, no fimming, no topping)
  15. heres the pics

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  16. By looking at the last pics I just realised my plants have had a big growth.

    Last week I put them on 20/4, this week they have been on 18/6, so by saturday they will have been vegged for 4 weeks, I'm planning on going one more week or until they reach 9" high, whatever happens first. Today I added 4 CFLs 30w WarmWhite just to mix it up and see what happens.
  17. Goodluck man ill be watching =]
  18. Today is the start of the final week of vegging. Tomorrow i'm gonna go buy ProTek and some mollassas (sp?). I'm having problems with nute burn. The 1st time I fed them they got nute burn, then I lowered the dose for the 2nd feed, but they also got burnt. The last watering was done with pure water/no nutes. I'm using dynagro grow, they label says 7-9-5.

    I think they're gonna be taller then 9" by the end of this week.
  19. They're growing like crazy. I thought they would probably be 9" by the end of this week, but it's only Tuesday and they are a little over 8" already. Did the addition of SoftWhite bulbs do this? maybe... what say you?

    Anywho, I'm gonna turn off the lights at 9pm and 24hrs later I'll start them on 12/12 :hello:, 'cause I only have about 28" of height (fan, lights, pots). So, lights will be back up tomorrow at 9pm.

    Here's some pics.

    1st pic is the tallest plant has a little over 8", the smallest plant is the 3rd pic it's 7" (I think this is the C99). I'm excited!!! :smoke:

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  20. yo me, grow is on point kid.:D...how many bulbs do u have in there alltogether? looks like your plants r on 8th node, u should be able to see some sex parts if u look at very top w/magnifier. its been true on the three females & numerous males ive had. i read it somewhere b4 i started. u have to look really hard.

    r u gonna lst? it'll def give u more buddage;) and optimize your space.

    im def subb'd..wanna see how the northern lights does. its gonna be my first strain when i buy some seeds.holla:wave:

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