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Nice buds eh?

  1. Yummy!

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  2. Bleh!

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  1. <center>...check out these yummy buds... mmmm!


    [​IMG] ahhh, beautiful...
  2. Those buds look like shit...J/K, they look mighty tasty.
  3. AWSOME!!! That's why purple is my favorite color!.........................Who the hell would vote bleh????
  4. Just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in-very nice
  5. So the real question is....how does it smoke,taste?

  6. yo those buds were awesome man! what kind are they and can i have some!
  7. Those are nice looking buds. =)

  8. maybe its just the smoke i had ,but that looks like a dead canary to me!.
    you are a menace to canarys:).
  9. whaaaaaa, dead cannary? man, i think u been smokin too many dead cannarys. If dead cannarys looked like that, i'd be havin bird nests in my closet dude. Whoa I wonder if anyone's ever tryed smokin a dead cannary. hmm...or maybe im just too stoned, no joke, 17 bowls, I coutedsa.

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