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Yummy yum yum

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by adamBC, Apr 25, 2004.

  1. So last night i decided hey! ill do some baking! So i got out my Betty Crocker cook book, and my sack of ganja, and made half a batch of chocolate chip cookies, less the chocolate chips, plus about 9 grams of some awesome weed. Mmmm. they turned out very nice. there is a little over a joint per cookie on average, and i ate one at a baseline last night and after about half an hour felt nice and gigly, aftder an hour, boy, i was stoooooned :D

    very fun time! just sat around the house all stoned and all alone. ive got 14 left now. i think im going to give a few to some of my buddies and sit around at the beach all day ;)

    its beautiful over here! everyone move to BC!! its fucking gorgeous!! the sun is BRIIIGHT the air is HOOTTT the chronsmoke is flowing through town. What a wonderful place to be.
  2. So, if I move there, you'll be my tour guide and shit, right? Otherwise, I'll be lost and confused instead of just confused as I usually am. :p

    How's the rest of life, Sweet Adam?
  3. to me, thats wastin weed........
  4. Sure ill be your tour guide rummy! I can show you around my bedroom.. and my bed... and the shower ... :p

    Hahah, but seriously, it really is fantastic out here! i love it!! there is nowhere i would rather be on the entire planet right now. Im headed out the beach in about an hour with my weed cookies, and about 15 joints, spread my joy eh :D ?

    How goes everything else? still bumming with no job, how do i survive? The girlfriend is long gone. She may have been the love of my life, but i dont think she was in it like i was, she was just too crazay, so i think this was for the best. We still talk, good friends and all, so im fine with it.

    everything else is pretty normal. my dad just got financing for his business, Half a million dollars, and has a another company who said they'd match any $$ he could get, so looks like hes really going to take off this next year.

    So you have it right folks. im poor, single, and jobless! Im livin' the life!! wahooo!! heheheh.

    COME TO BC!!

  5. well im sorry youre cheap. but eating weed is very efficient and gets you ripped, plus its alot of fun. stop pinching pennies so much, its ganja man, have some fun with it.
  6. LOL! You're funny! ;)

    Adam, you will learn that there will be many loves of your life. There's never just one. I don't care what anyone says. There may be only one true soulmate for some (although I thinks it's possible for one's soul to intertwine with more than just one other) but we'll all love more than once.

    Live the single life and enjoy. You're young. Life is too short to not be loving it! Congrats for your Dad...I'm sure he deserves it!
  7. haha no i agree with ya rummy! ill find others, but she sure was a special girl.

    i really hope my dad can find some success, hes come so close so many times, but it really seems like this time its going to work out ;) he'd better be driving a 50 foot yacht you jamaica this time next year :D

    Im totally loving life right now! everything is just falling into place. Im so excited to see how this summer goes. There should be alot of weed and fun times ahead :D

    so how bout you rummy? hows life treating yas?? i hope your having as much fun as i am and keeping nice and toasted :D
  8. Life is good, sweet adam. I had a bad time hit me but I'm better. I've been in touch with someone who I've been missing for a while and he always seems to fix me and I have good friends who have helped pull me out of my funk.

    Life is just too short to let it's obstacles keep you down for long. I love being happy. That's my main goal in life. Pain is just part of it...and it can even be good at times, especially when it leads back to happiness.

    So...I could have been short about it and said "Yeah, life is cool!" but I'm a stoned rambler today. Nice and toasted!
  9. hahaha, good good!! keep roasty and having fun!

    good times ahead! wahoo!
  10. I'm jealous. Eating marijuana doesn't work for me.
  11. mmm, ate 3 today. its 9 oclock now and im still flyin. i love me some cookies!

    must cook some more again soon. they are excellent ;)

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