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Yummy nugs :)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Starman Junior, May 29, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, I just picked up some beaut stuff. Have a look!

    Nice 5 gram nug, but plenty more too ;)

    It looks pretty darn good! I might have to sample some soon. Not sure on the exact strain. It's very dense, with few leaves, and next to NO STEMS. It has a slightly more lime/yellow tinge to it than most stuff I've had, and it smells delicious! It has a "smoked" smell, like a meat would, with a sweet odour as well, hard to describe. Nice 'chromes too! Maybe someone has a better idea what it might be. Either way, it should be good!
  2. Looks great, seems like it would have a very intense smell to it, happy smoking :smoking:
  3. wow thats looks awesome man, how much did you pick up?
  4. Bought an ounce :)
  5. Damn, I had some weed that looked just like that, I thinks it's O.G. kush, but correct me if I'm wrong

  6. Wow. Thats some nice weed, how much it cost?
  7. looks like some dank to me.. what's pictured is 5 grams? you sure?
  8. It might be something along the lines of that.

    I payed $160 Canadian for the oz.

    Slightly under 5 grams, what does it look like?
  9. the pic looks like 3 grams top but thats just me.
    just make sure u aint gettin scimped

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