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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by InhaleExhale, Apr 2, 2004.

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  1. Don\'t have any weed right now cuz I\'m on probation, but here\'s something else to munch on. 1oz of grade A mushrooms. =)

    The bag weighed out to 31.2g, and every single stem has a cap on it, except for maybe 1 or 2.

    By the way these came in the mail, so Sid this proves your theory of being able to get stuff sent through mail.
  2. Forgot the picture
  3. Munch crunch munch..
  4. nice, have fun with those. Ive been tryin to get shrooms for ever, havent had any since august of last year

  5. Look exactly like some shrooms i had a while ago. Ate 2.5 grams and tripped balllllz. have fun. those were the best shrooms ive eaten. =)
  6. hmmmmm... those look very familiar. how much did that oz cost ya? (send me a few! :D)

  7. Oz cost me 150. =)

    I ate 2g today with some friends in the forest and wow, had the best trip of my life.

  8. Heh nice price, at some point those boomers were going for a whopping $50 an 8th at my collegio, i picked em up for a lil less tho =) but people were still buying at 50, so now you start to see how crazy people are. Although on hindsight, i would easily pay 50 to get the trip i had so its not all so bad.
  9. looks like some descent caps too.. happy tripping :)
  10. Nice score but its kinda hard to appreciate pics of shrooms as much. Maybe its because they look so nasty and I just love the look of weed.
  11. damn thats crazy
  12. did you chew them up and eat them straight? or chocolate cover them or make some tea?
  13. can u have bad trips with shrooms????

    cus u guys are makin me wanna try em......but i think the fact that i smoke a lot of weed would help me.......
  14. dont eat 8 grams if u cant handle it.
  15. fair enough, everyones bound to have a bad trip but i wouldnt reccomend a shrooming newbie eat 8 grams.

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