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yoyo Light Hangers need help....

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by Grassyblues, May 7, 2009.

  1. So i got a few of these hangers for some of my lights. they seemed like they were a good idea and looked simple enough but i got no instructions on how to use em. Any of the GCF (grasscityfamily) currently using these and if so whats the deal with them. does the light need to be attached before the string stops retracting? i pull the string out, tighten, and the the damn thing retracts,even when fully locked. the stuff i have found online doesnt really tell ya anything. pics have them hanging one way but the only way i can get them to work is if i hang them upsidedown (opposite way they appear in pics) any ideas, these things are ticking me off lol :wave:

    can i use them this way, yes, do i want to, no, lol i want to screw the hooks in to the ceiling and make themwork the way they are described.
  2. they are mainly used for sun system reflectors, but there are instructions for using different ones.
    Max weight 22lbs./pair
    "1. Sun system reflectors are supplied with v-wire hangers. For a reflector without hangers drill holes in the top of the hood and use the enclosed eyebolt & nuts to create an attachment point. (put the little triangle shaped things into the top of the reflector with the points facing inwards.)
    2. Using the screw hooks included, locate a structural member in the ceiling and screw in the hooks. (find a stud or whatever its called in the ceiling, i used my hand to knock until hearing a difference. make sure u space the two screw hooks up in a way that can hang the reflector easily.
    3. Tie the nylon cord from the sunlift to the reflectors wire hangers or to the included eyebolts if your using a different refectory. (basically tie the string around the little triangle things or into your drilled hole.)
    4. Install the two Sunlifts into the ceiling hooks by inserting through the eye on the top of each Sunlift unit. Note: if you require longer extensions, you can use any durable link chain or nylon rope and install the movers to it. (just attach the black ball things to your screw hooks.
    5. Adjust tension with the wing nut adjuster. Correct tension will allow you to life or lower the reflector with ease. Once the proper tension level has been reached, further tension adjustment will not likely be required.
  3. ty for the info.
    i got them up a couple of hours ago, then come check my mail and see a response
    lol but yea did basically that, guess i was a little too high when i wrote it, they work great, slide up and down with easy, glad i got em, 24 bucks for 4 so im happy :) thank for the reply anyway, you explained it well

    +rep bud
  4. yeah I too was confused when I pulled them out of the box but now I can see that they work on the weight of the reflector hanging on it to work properly.
  5. thank you guys for sharing I too was confused but am no longer due to the informative write up.
  6. Yup, helped me too, I just bought 12 for 30 bucks on eBay, was about to mount them wrong.....Thanks again:hello::hello:
  7. I was thinking of making an adjustable-height scrog screen using yo-yo hangers: 4 to hold the screen up at each corner, and 4 to hold the screen down. For you guys with those hangers, can the tension be adjusted strong enough to hold a screen down against the plants trying to push up?
  8. So we all shouldn't smoke before working in the room eh? I smoked when I got home. Saw that fedex had been here, and decided to check it out. stared at it for 20 minutes and for the life of me couldnt figure it out lol. Thanks or the help!

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