Yow I'n new from Amsterdam

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by -NL-Tyz, Apr 29, 2003.

  1. Yo guys wazzzzap

    I'm from amsterdam and I hit this site by excident. I was just looking around for a picture of a waterbong and I ended up on this forum. I visited some dutch forums and they were pretty cool but I'm very much interested by the American/Canadian Weed and Hash groups. Because there is such a big difference between your country and mine. I think you al kwow this but in Holland Marihuana is legalised and you can get it in special shops. You can smoke it in the streets as long as you don't bother anyone.
    Well It's always fun to talk about weed so I hope to come here more often. And I would like to finish by saying that I am going to have al weedparty tonight and were gonna use my glass beautiful waterbong Yeah!
  2. welcome to thy stoniest grasscity!!:D
  3. Welcome 2 Da Stoners City!!!:)
  4. hi and welcome, u sound very interesting to get to know!
  5. Welcome to the City!!!
  6. Thank u all :)

    I've got a question. What is your standard blow party, what do you do when you meet some of your friends and get high.

    Me procedures are as followed:
    First we go the 'shop' to get some white widow (dutch grown superweed).
    We buy about 30 bucks of it. (wich is about pff 6 gram) than we go to some guy's place which ever parents are away :p,
    We smoke the weed with my superglass waterbong and then we hook up the N64 (or recently the gamecube) and we play Mario Party 2 all night long. And sometimes we also watch porn:p
    Then the evil part of weed comes in play. We get extremly hungry so we go to BG or we frie some food at home.
    And then we eat and we eat. And just when it's about to get boring we smoke a new joint and the rotine starts all over again.
    :) how about you guys?
  7. Welcome to the city. enjoy your stay.
  8. welcome to the city friend. :)

    we have a great community here.


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