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  1. I'm a freshman in college, and I know my roommate has shitty taste in music, but we had a conversation today that blew my mind. Some background:

    His favorite bands are Sum 41 and Blink 182. As far as hip-hop goes, he likes R. Kelly, Justin Timberlake, and Rihanna a lot...mostly R. Kelly. The other day he actually played some Wham. And he owns the stereo.

    My musical tastes gravitate towards 90s rock (Tool, Rage, Jane's Addiction, early Incubus, Kyuss, grunge in general), classic rock (Beatles, Zeppelin, Doors, The Who, Rush, Pink Floyd, etc), a little rap (Nas, Biggie, Blackalicious), and a little metal (Children of Bodom, early Metallica, Iron Maiden, Pantera).

    Tonight I was playing my ipod on the stereo. I've been trying to get my roomate into more tolerable music, so I played Stairway to Heaven. If that can't change a person's mind, I don't know what can. He gets up and turns it off just after the line, "there's a feeling I get when I look to the west."

    Me: Dude, when Stairway starts you let it finish--it's like a law or something.
    Him: Who's Stairway?
    Me: No, the song's called Stairway to Heaven, it's by Led've heard of Zeppelin, right?
    Him: Oh, yeah, I guess. Who are they again?
    Me: They're widely considered one of the greatest bands ever, and Stairway to Heaven is their most well known song.
    Him: That song?
    Me: Yes
    Him: I don't see what's so special about it.

    Normally when I get pissed, I smoke to calm down, but I'm getting drug tested until next now I have to resort to venting on an internet message board so I don't accidentally kill my roommate.
  2. Wow, to not know stairway...

    I feel sorry for him.
  3. Tell him to listen to it stoned so he knows whats so special about it! :D
  4. look on the bright side, at least he's not listening to avril lavigne...yet
  5. Actually, the other day I told him that the Sum 41 singer was married to Avril, and rather than diffuse his enthusiasm for for Sum 41 he goes, "Really? I might have to check out some Avril Lavigne."

    And he says he's smoked before but I'm not sure I believe it; he's been offered a few times here but he says he's not in the mood every time...which bugs me because I'm always in the mood but I get tested.
  6. Some people just don't spend the time to discover some of the better music out there, so they listen to what is on the surface of the music media, i.e. catchy pop/punk/rock. It happens.
  7. Led Zeppelin is overrated IMO.
  8. my roommate listens to nickelback and fergie more often than anything else... that and kanye west. i wonder which is worse? lol not knowing stairway to heaven is a cardinal sin for sure.
  9. Your next test of his taste in music shoud involve the playing of a spectacular Pink Floyd song of your choice. Or maybe even The Beatles...

    If he bombs on those....get a new roomie haha kidding.
  10. sucks that you have a 12 year old girl for a roommate.
  11. you roomate needs to get his ass kicked if he ever says anything that dumb again
  12. Wow, this is like 1988 all over again for me. I got assigned to a roomate and this is almost the same situation I was in. I was in to classic rock, metal, and the 80's hair bands. He was in to shit like the Dead Milkman. Our only thing in common was weed. That wasn't enough. He had the stereo and was there 1st, so he thought he was dorm room king. I wanted to strangle him and his friends on a daily basis.

    Dude turning off the stereo, and not even giving a song a chance, makes him sound like a douche to me. Which is what my old roomate was. I'd get off work on a Friday night and come back to a room full of Flock of Seagulls wannabes. I had to deal with that shit for about 6 wks. Once I was able to get to classes and hook up with others like me, I started inviting them over. Some were pretty hardcore metal heads. Scary looking fuckers. They would clear a room full of his friends out in under 2 minutes. I didn't keep that up. I just moved in to an apartment with someone more compatable. Worked out great. He could get killer weed, and he was growing too.

    If you are stuck with the guy, you're fucked. Not really. You are just gonna have to deal with the differences. Musical tastes can cause problems. Get some really good noise cancelling headphones. Meet some new friends to hang with. Understand that just because you live in the same place, doesn't mean you have to be friends.
  13. To not be intimately familiar with Zeppelin's music is not a sin...To never have heard of them or 'Stairway To Heaven' (arguably the most famous rock song) is unforgivable.

    Stop me if I'm wrong, but does your roommate pop the collar of his golf shirt (which may or may not be a pinkish hue)?
  14. Can't you apply for a switch? If not, Id say just get a CD player/ipod and just move off campus next year. But damn man that blows if you cant switch.
  15. Off topic i know, but nice AD signature PUSCIFERfan.

  16. Yea man fuck R. Kelly hes a bitch and especially that boy band fag it justin timberlake since when was he hip-hop?...Nas,Biggy,Eazy-E,N.W.A,Bone Thugs,KottonMouth Kings are pretty damn good though.
  17. I've never seen him wear a collared shirt, but he does have 14 hats, all with the sticker still on the bill.

    And it's too late to switch roommates now, but it'll be somebody new for second semester because my roommate is gonna transfer. Apparently he's a big skier and says he can't live here because there's no snow. He always talks about how he lives for skiing, but he came to the UNIVERSITY OF HAWAII.
  18. i've never listened to the song stairwell to heaven........ i've heard of it but i'm not into the whole rock scene at all. im alot more into house, electro, and latin house. although i occasionally mix hardstyle and jumpstyle at times..
  19. At this point I'd say there's not really a genre of music that I completely don't like... I used to be really picky about music, but now there isn't a lot I can't stand. I'm not too big on pop-punk/emo or hardcore screaming metal bands but other than that I can stand to listen to just about anything.
  20. /me points to the sign reading "No Stairway" :cool:

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