Youve got £3/5, what do you buy at the shop?

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  1. As a student, I often have a tight budget for my munchies shop.
    I get chocolate milk, cheese biscuits and a bag of red doritos.
    So, what do you get for £3?

  2. $5 to purchase food and drink…. Probably one of those big cheap cans of tea, a bag of flaming cheetos, then a beefstick of some sort or a slice of pizza if they have it.
    really can't go wrong with flaming hot cheetos and a drink though
  3. I'd buy the biggest bag of potatoes I can find and then I go home and do some bad ass cooking.
  4. starbursts and condoms
  5. My local shop has 64 oz fountain drinks for like 1.10 so I get one of those an Arizona Arnold Palmer part lemonade part ice tea tall boy can for 1.00, some Flamiin Cheetos , a cup of the lays ranch and a small pack of some juicy fruit gum Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Probably potatoes or a big bag of rice. I can make rice go a longggg way.
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    He knows
    Edit: To the potato people whats he gonna do, eat a raw potato on his way to class lol?
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    An Arizona and a bag of gummy bears or corn nuts and a vannila coke. Harlboro ONLY
  9. I'd get a roll and some chicken thighs
  10. I'd get chips water and spicy jalapeno kettle lays
  11. 25oz beer, king sized candy of some sort and cheese its. (Cheese nips suck)--------------------------------------- Smoke On! c(o.oc)
  12. Arizona (1$), Flaming Cheetos ($1), Snickers ($1), Pack of Mentos ($1), and 2 cigarettes ($1)
  13. This, but instead of the meat stick i usually op for a second bag of flamimg hot cheetos. The only problem is they turn my shit red lll

    I think we all have that special whore somewhere in our lives.
  14. Those Flaming hot cheetos are seriously the shit, they actually are pretty hot to after you eat couple handfuls.  Which i love because i have a pretty high tolerance to most hot things i eat and i don't get that "burn your face off" feeling and for some reason its disappointing, you'd think you wouldn't want your mouth to burn but it must affect the way you taste or something cause i miss how certain foods used to taste.  Guess i could bring my hot sauce and sprinkle some in…. I'm glad i got stoned and wrote this, just found a god damn solution to a problem while rambling!
  15. -bread rolls, budget cheese slices, can of soup. make a mad sammich.
    -dried pasta, budget cheese, pasta sauce. OR flour and water and pasta sauce and a single egg (if avail.) and make the pasta yourself
    -2 bottles of mountain dew.- take them to my friends house and he cooks for me.
    - flour, water, salt, vegemite (or other delicious spread of your choosing). make damper and spread the vegemite on. keeps you full for hours.
    -$5 worth of bacon.
    -2x 2-packs of budget garlic bread. - OR 1x 2-pack and can of soup.
    -couple potatoes, budget cheese, gravy mix -make poutine.
    OP, get good at receiving the five finger discount and you can eat like a king, well maybe not a king but certainly better than a student, for FREE! 
  16. Arizona, cheese lovers munchies, and the rest in meat sticks (7-11 brand is $0.50). I haven't had flaming Cheetos in years though, might try some soon. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. a pack of cigs, Marlboro blacks 100's Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  18. blunt wrap + some cheetohs. :)
  19. StarburstBrisk raspberry iced tea (1 liter for $1)Play the pick chips up change chips later about 5 times.I usually don't know what to buy after that.But on another note if I'm going home Cut up some potatoes and fry them bitches in some seasoning with some ketchup OoohGodDamn!!!
  20. 2 slice of pizza and a 40oz

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