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    Good documentary about Cambridge Analytica fiasco on Netflix. Sheds a great deal of light on how the information warfare is playing out. People are easily manipulated. Just follow the angry mob. It's real and unfortunate. But what we are told is not the reality.

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  2. You said "Sheds a great deal of light on how the information warfare is playing out. People are easily manipulated. Just follow the angry mob. It's real and unfortunate. But what we are told is not the reality." I think that's a perfect description of Mueller's investigation and his testimony before congress yesterday.
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  3. Umm... What was not real? His testimony was just a Pixar production or there was no investigation?
  4. One thing that wasn't real was that Mueller was in charge of the investigation. He was an interested bystander at most and easily manipulated because of his failing mental status. The investigation was a joke, a witch hunt that would portray Trump negatively regardless of the findings. Isn't that the definition of a witch hunt?
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  5. No the definition of witch hunt is a bunch of dumb people in the last century looking for females with "superpowers"...
    There's another thread to discuss your conspiracy theories.

    Watch the documentary. Then we can discuss it.
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  6. My point was how your comment was so vague it could be used for about any situation. Your definition of a witch hunt was accurate a couple of hundred years ago, today it means something else.
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  7. My comment was related to the context of the documentary. Please try to stay on topic at least once.
  8. I'll try but when all of your points, including this Netfix show, are connected to hating Trump there's going to be some crossover.
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  9. When did I say anything about Trump in my OP? Again jumping to conclusions, and there are "ten" other threads dedicated to that.
    You could just watch the documentary out of curiosity or to take a break from Fox news. The plot is about Cambridge Analytica and social platforms, at least 95% of it.
  10. You didn't say anything about Trump in the OP but the video you posted did.
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  11. That was a good documentary
    I enjoyed it and maybe itll cause others to wake up and realize this world is not so hunky dory..
    5000 bits of info on EVERY single American... fuck I didn’t know i was THAT interesting jk

    One could really create a actual realistic westworld with AI family members and have them act so alike you really couldnt discern and then they will come after us all like in the new movie “Us” BAM AI takes over...

    They say this information is unobtainablea and All i could think of was challenge accepted

    Said person will become very powerful
    In the meantime Cambridge analytica is it.... for now

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  12. One word literally out of two and a half minutes and completely out of context...
    Why didn't you grab onto brexit? Why not talk about data privacy or surveillance?

    Or even attempt to actually watch the film.
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  13. Do you think you are one of those who follow the angry mob of a tribe? Given how you treat people who disagree with you
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    Late 1600s, not last century. And it was motivated by social status. But I do tend to agree with you. If the intelligence community says Russia interfered then they most likely did. The question is whether Trump willingly used information from those hacks. Which given his statements about the FBI he probably did, and he will probably be charged after leaving office in January of 2021.
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  15. Wasn't just females. Males were also accused of witch craft.
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  17. Muller literally said that they did and they lied about it.
    I'll repost this again.

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  18. What about data privacy? What exactly was Cambridge Analytica doing that bothers you so much? Don't you think this movie was targeted at people who distrust the system and was meant to put suspicion and paranoia into susceptible people's brains telling them they're being manipulated by the man and that Trump's election wasn't legitimate? The movie was ironically doing the same thing they were saying Cambridge Analytical was doing. It was a movie meant to manipulate people by showing people being manipulated.
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  19. You couldn't be more wrong. Considering you have not seen it, I am not sure why you are even trying to convince me of something.

    You don't have to believe the movie. You could review the court filings and see the hearings for yourself.

    I don't need Sean Hannity to explain to me how things work, that's why I don't put much weight into your conclusions. There are many angles to any story, but you seem to repeat verbatim what's being said on fox news.
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  20. Yeah, I watched it. I'll ask again, what exactly was Cambridge Analytica doing that bothers you so much? It seems to me they gathered data on people and used targeted advertisements which is what businesses do, it's what other campaigns do. That's why after you search for widgets, ads for widgets appear on every web page you visit, it's nothing new. Cambridge did it more effectively than the other guys, that's the only difference, that and Trump got elected and you haven't accepted that fact, you still think he cheated.

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