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  1. does anyone know of some really hilarious or just trippy vids to watch while high? i'm always lookin for new stuff, and not havin luck right now ha..

    so yeah anything interesting?
  2. here you go

    [ame=""]YouTube - Trippy[/ame]
  3. [ame=""]YouTube - Trippy Pyschedelic Wormhole Tunnel[/ame]

  4. Woah that wormhole shit is trippy.
  5. somebody needs to make a fuckin high quality video of that shit!
  6. damn. that first one was insane in the effing membrane.
    good lookin out peeps :p
  7. heres one [ame=""]YouTube - Shrooms: a trip experience[/ame]
  8. Google or YouTube "Flashback.swf"

    you will thank me later (I prefer the vid on shrooms though)
  9. this guy has some funny vids. not for everybody but i like 'em.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Voicemail on Cell Phones: The Nightmare[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Hey There Khalilah[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Whatever You Like: Cow Version[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Eggs Over Easy: The Rap[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Partly Cloudy: The Rap[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - McDonald's: The Rap[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Warcraft: The Rap[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Extra Cheese: The Rap[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - TurboTax: The Rap (Extended Version)[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Two Percent Milk: The Rap[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube - Slow Jam[/ame]
  10. wow.. weirdly hilarious lol :]
  11. type in "the lonely island" they have some hilarious shit...they also have a website :
  12. [ame=""]YouTube - The Mysterious Stranger - The Adventures of Mark Twain[/ame]

    edit- you gotta wait to see the village, watch the whoooole video

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