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  1. I was on youtube and i realised i lost a subscription to some dude who smokes dutchies all day and shit. hes black and runs through a box of dutch masters. does anyone know what his channel is? :confused:
  2. dam.... How healthy of him. I think without his username it's going to be near impossible. There's probably a ton of people on youtube that fit that description.
  3. you probly lost it because he deleted his account. but you never know

    you could always subscribe to me!!

    [ame=]all for the best - YouTube[/ame]
  4. another thing is hes gay and always seshes in like a lawnchair and smokes long footer blunts
  5. lol now I'm really interested to find this guy. For both of us :D If anything I'll give you a heads up
  6. he has a video of him in a gay parade and karate kicks some guy hahaha but i used to watch his videos & here i am a year later wondering where he went!!

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