Youtube Videos Loading Very Slowly On Firefox?

Discussion in 'General' started by Tastytrichomes, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. cleared my cache/cookies, etc. didn't do shit
    i uninstalled and reinstalled both firefox and flash player but i still have this error. flash player works absolutely fine on all other websites as well
    any help? anyone else having the same issue?

  2. knowing you, u probably overswagged it gonna havr to cop     a extrernal swagdrive to store it
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  3. yes actually...i've been having to use google chrome...cause firefox is so slow....i've done everything you did, and still having problems too...pretty annoying too, cause i can't find a good youtube to mp3 add on for chrome
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  4. I've had problems with youtube lately, it's taking the piss out of me all the time lol. Videos are taking forever to download even though I speed tested my connection minutes before and was reaching 93mbps down speed!
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  5. damn...i wish my download was that fast
  6. the thing is my internet is usually fast and it seems a bit slower with firefox lately as well, just in general. but FF is really starting to piss me off because of the slow buffering on youtube videos
    i also did a thorough registry cleaning and virus scan, nothing showed up
    so i guess everyone with firefox has been having this issue recently?
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  7. Omg! It's been happening to me too. Always happens at like 2am when I'm high. I had a few viruses I removed and I thought they had fucked up firefox.
    I pause the video and wait for it to load. Usually I don't have to do that but yeah it's lame and needs to be fixed.
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  8. I've got a fast connection.
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  10. And it never works on my phone...trying to listen to music. But it says it can't be played untill I go watch some stupid ads or shay yards or some shit.
    Then I go back to the vid I wanted and it works.
    Cheap shotty shit!
  11. firefox loading shit soooooooooooo slowly
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  12. i just got my brother to do it for me.... i didn't understand it at all either
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  13. good news it seems fine now!
  14. thank fuck dude i though i was going crazy, this definitely happens like this for me also. gonna try chrome 
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  15. Get even more curious and I'm sure you'll find the 20 page+ thread in Firefox Support on this. Haven't looked at it for a good while (one of those tedious 'When u gonna fix this b4 mozzila!!!' type threads) but I recall that it's a Flash plugin problem...which (read my lips) is a different one to the one IE uses. You change Flash versions and it sorts it.

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