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  1. [ame=]YouTube - Rap 1[/ame]
  2. That shit was pretty hot... ive always wanted to use that beat but really couldnt think of anything appropriate for the sound of it. you went in on it though

    Heres two of mine but theres more on my videos list...

    [ame=]YouTube - Home Run Bars[/ame]

    [ame=]YouTube - CheckMate[/ame]

    and if your gonna listen to "dont do it" be sure to check the second verse that starts at 2:20....and im also lookin for someone to fill in the middle verse with some cold lines...

    any takers GC?
  3. listen to my lines really hear the way i kick em
    jaws droppin faster than a jumpin 9/11 victim

    Damn I like that bro, you lookin for someone to fill in the middle verse on Dont Do It? I'll check it out hold on.
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    haha thanks bro.... yeah man i need two people to drop some bars in the middle of Dont do it

    you should drop some bars and we could pick someone else to go in on it too

    i thinnk it would be tight if you did like 16 bars and we got someone else to do another 16.... i think 32 bars would fit perfect in that space

    oh and in the checkmate songs....the line "call me jo cuz i done laps" is becuase i have a friend named Jo Dunlap and i told him i would shout him i wasnt sure how many people would get that line haha
  5. damn thats good as hell, im writin it right now, wait for me ill be done mad soon
  6. aight man just record your verse acapella if you can and ill put it over the beat and doctor it up so it sounds like we did it on the same mic

    ima be back in this board soon....ima go smoke real quick.... but yeah i aint in no hurry for a verse or anything...i think itll turn out good tho
  7. word, im just gonna put it on in my headponhes and record it on the laptop, I'm lookin to come in around 1:18, is that cool?
  8. just do whatever you feel like doin with it man...i just think it sounds cool having your own music to smoke to and bump like a motherfucker
  9. I know what you mean bro, I'm about to record it, how should I send it to you?
  10. I just finished recording
  11. put in on rapidshare or some sorta mp3 sharing site
  12. then just put the link in your next post on here and ill download it and see how i can make it sound on the beat....this should be fun
  13. aight im downloading it now...i gotta try to convert it to mp3 then ima see what i can do with it
  14. The one I just sent you was the WMA, this is the MP3 RapidShare: 1-CLICK Web hosting - Easy Filehosting

    I just started writing raps and all that shit very recently so the qualitys shitty cause im just using my laptop but fuck it you know how it is, can't wiat to see how it turns out.
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    haha hell yeah that verse is hot....ima try to put it over this beat..

    yeah i needed that mp3...tight now ima try to hook it up on this beat

    and i know what you mean about shitty recording ive been using a 8 dollar computer mic...haha they still turn out pretty decent tho
  16. 2nd yeah is at 1:19 and I start it at 1:20, that's where I'd put it if I was you, thanks bro, I like the similies you got,
  17. aight i got it in the editing program now i gotta work with it a little to get it to sound right...
  18. sounds good bro let me know what you think, do you have a rap name you go by so I can shout out in some shit?
  19. nah havent really thought of one yet im also kinda new to rappin...on legit tracks anyway
  20. Yeah I hear you, what instrumentals you like? you seem to have the same taste as me.

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