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  1. Hi I'm Chris. A 54 yr old Navy disabled veteran in Clinton Oklahoma.. I've been wanting to try to grow for a while. I finally bought a tent and some fox soil..I had two seeds from a bag of Canadan 9 week something.. I germinated in distilled water and they took off.. mind you my teacher is YouTube. I have 2 three gallon cloth buckets. So on May 12 I planted. I was using Miracle-Gro tomato plant food at first but I switched to foxfarm nutrients. I watched where someone topped by bending the plant so I did on one.. I've cleaned off some of the bottom branches and taken off exta leaves. I water once a day and my lamp is a 300w led brand it came with the tent. Well that's it for now and any constructive criticism is welcome. I got a small clip on fan IMG_20190512_132355586_BURST022.jpg IMG_20190515_134952953_BURST000_COVER.jpg IMG_20190528_073830470.jpg IMG_20190612_162727916.jpg 1560661929559.jpg 1560661976612.jpg

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  2. Welcome to GC, Chris.

    So far so good, they look fine dude. Good luck with your grow!
  3. Anonymity is an overlooked commodity; names and places can be used by overzealous and intrusive outsiders. I myself have a ton of aliases to blur the lines.
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  4. Get yourself another light for flower. Can just get another of the same for your first run but flowering two under just that light will most likely not suffice. Even better get a small quantum board added in

    Is that a 2x2? What’s the actual wall draw? What brand light?
  6. It came with the tent. Which I bought on Amazon

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  7. I don't know how to mount the light. There's two movable bar on top and that belt..

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  8. Figured out the light

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  9. get light hangers for the lights. and yh your gonna want to get a different light put in there for flower. i expect that light will leave you dissapointed.

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