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  1. Ive heard there are sites that allow you to post a youtube link and it converts that file into a mp3. What site does this

    its one of the best inventions the world has ever seen
  3. So I dunno about converting a posting, but I use a firefox extension called "DownloadHelper" which allows me to download youtube vids as files. then I use WinFF to convert it to an MP3. be forewarned, the quality of youtube music is usually pretty poor.
  5. thanks i just did my first one on listentoyoutube its downloading right now.

  6. werd most of these sites dont last very long so do it up while u still can
  7. SWIM will try some of these mentioned, but in SWIM's experience, youtube has recently stepped up their internet architecture such that most of the software which was working so well before now runs empty with youtube... :devious:
  8. Dirpy is the easiest way to get music now days.
    just find the youtube video from that site, and you get the audio. It even places it right into my itunes for me after downloading.
  9. i have a program on my computer... but regardless its the best new tool for ripping musicians off lol... i love it
  10. THIS is what I've been using converts youtubes to audio mp3s, its free and works. Mp3ify
  11. dirpy's been working great up until today. I think its time has come!!! Youtube must have gotten wind of its algorithms or something. I can't get it to work for nothing--sigh... :( some other options are listed on this thread, at least one of them really kinda lousy but workeable, so I'll see :)
  12. both of these have now become garbage or nonworkable. Some of the other ones are programs, so... hmmm about those. But there's another internet based one, I'll check out. :cool:
  13. not working either. And I have a program I paid for and its not even working, so I wouldn't count on those other programs. It's a lost cause! :eek: Noooo
  14. I just downloaded a song using Dirpy to test it. The Dirpy website works fine, the download itself took about 5 minutes, but I am on a wifi connection and fairly far from the router, and when it finished I opened it up in iTunes and it played fine. I don't think Dirpy's down or anything man. You sure it's not your comp?
  15. it's been working on and off, don't know if its the time of day, traffic on youtube, or what. I sometimes get it to work again, and since its the best and only option, hahleylooyah.

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