You're opinion on straight edge?

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    I think it's pointless.
  2. Straight-Edge = Ignorant and scared of trying anything because of their head full of propaganda bullshit.

    Sure, they should stay away from some drugs in particular, but weed, nah.

    Alcohol is a different story. That does have some huge negatives to it, but no reason to not try it at least once.
  3. a lot of men think along the same line of logic when it comes to taking a cock up the ass...what are you saying?...:smoke:
  4. Why shouldn't people have a choice to lead thier lives how they choose, if their choice isn't breaking any laws?

    critisizing people for not choosing the same lifestyle as your own is about as silly as critizising a finicky eaters diet choice.
  5. I don't mind at all if someone wishes to abstain from alcohol or any recreational drugs.

    However I think the whole SxE thing where mostly young kids act "holier than thou" and give off the judgmental and negative view towards anyone who does partake in these things is ridiculous. They think its cool because they don't do any of those things and like to brag about it, which really gets on my nerves.
  6. i hate those cocksuckers, around here theyre all over the fuckin place so you gotta keep empty beer bottles with ya to make em fuck off by throwin em at them.
  7. Every human being should experiment. Some psychedelics can really enhance your life just one time in beautiful ways (Again, not speaking about usage, just facts.)
  8. I have no problem with it. I am not one to tell anyone else how to live their life. If it makes them happier, why not. Not everyone needs to choose to experiment with drugs(even ganja). Just a personal opinion, but I have been that I don't know sheet. (from people who don't know sheet)
  9. I'm not biased one way or the other, whether your habit is shooting Heroin into your eyeballs every morning or doing absolutely nothing at all. As a matter of fact, the latter is better for a lot of people who don't even feel comfortable having a caffeine buzz. Just don't criticize, boast, or make yourself out to be Christ-incarnate just because others live differently from the way you do.

    Still, I haven't run into anyone like this since I was fifteen.
  10. This represents my feelings on the matter as well.
    "Why do you care?" comes to mind...I don't like straight edge people who are anti-weed of course, but for those who aren't I don't judge them as I'd prefer they don't judge me.
    No problem with it at all.
    My thoughts on the matter is that life might be a little more boring, and being stoned or hell, even drunk, is something I think a person ought to be able to escape their reality into at least every once in a while. But hey, if they don't feel the need...whatever.
    Though those straight edge on account of "it's illegal" and specifically against weed, they're quite annoying.
  11. I don't care. They can do whatever they like if it makes them feel better, just as long as they don't shove it down my throat and act as if they are in some way superior to me.
    The sad thing is that I've met a lot of people like that. They act like they're better and more intelligent than you, when the truth is they were a bunch of morons. Ho-hum..
  12. I don't really care but I don't get why they need to show the world they abstain from intoxicants. I don't go around flaunting my drug use with catchy slogans and talking people into using drugs, like straight edge kids do when they try to get people to quit drinking/smoking/whatever.

    It's weird to be proud of either using or abstaing from drugs. If someone doesn't feel the need to try any substance fine, but don't be a douche about it and keep it to yourself.
  13. I think I have a different concept of straight edge because the straight edge kids at my high school all had swastikas on their backpacks and wrist bands (lol wrist bands). And they basically just liked to show that they were badass and didn't care about school.

    Don't you think its naive that everyone should share your view on trying weed? What if some gay guy thought it was naive of you not to suck cock just once, I mean you probably haven't tried it right? The reason you haven't tried it is probably ignorance and fear.

    Maybe not everything is for everyone. You don't have to look down on someone because they won't use mind-altering substances.

  14. I second this...

    Some people say they are "edge" but they smoke butts, there I say, you sir are not edge i vote yes to the pumpkinbomb
  15. I don't care if other people don't want to smoke weed.

    I want to, so I will and I won't give those who choose not to a second thought. Or a third thought. Or a fourth... you get the idea.

    My brother's ex was straightedge... and she would always say "Why do you always smoke weed, it's bad" and would always laugh at me when I am high. SO funny, because now she goes to the University of British Columbia... I'm sure there are no stoners in that region of Canada. She would always try and offer me alternatives (since I smoked so much weed, I obviously was depressed!) like the Sedona Method (which is bullshit perhaps). I just devloped my own philosophical principles more completely, and boy... I feel fucking great.


  16. are u gay? by this post i assume you are. :eek:
  17. oh ok....evolution hasnt quite reached your cave!?
  18. its ok to be gay man, i wont hate.
  19. who cares man...and say i AM gay...why would that have to come up in a convo?..."oh hey, im robert!..and you must be pro-life, nice to meet you!"....

    totally uncalled for dude...
  20. If I ever meet a straight edger who is straight edge because they do not like mind latering substances,be it alchohol tabacco or illegal drugs for any reason other than "loooking more punk/goth/scene" then i'll rethink my opinion of them.
    Maybe it's just the assholes where I live, anyone know any cool straight edgers?

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