Youre not what you think you are

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  1. I got blazed off my ass and realized that I am just an information-processing system encased in a body that has adapted to this particular environment through billions of years of evolution, so that we can survive up to 100 earth-cycles around the sun.My "personality" is just the surface shell of that information-processing system. It is the shell that interacts with other conscious information-processing systems. In doing so, the systems can sometimes become absorbed in the illusion of the surface shell, and begin to confuse the shell with reality.I just lost my train of thought. I'll get back to you
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    OP has dank
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  3. You're higher than you think you are
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  4. The crazy thing is that as animals, we scape the environment around us and doing so, we impact the way we think. Up until this point, or a point just before this, evolution was forced by the environment but now that we basically have terraforming capabilities, we are essentially dictating the path of our own evolution. THAT is fucking crazy. What else is crazy is that this period is eventually going to end and we will once again be at the mercy of our environment and we WILL die out because we will be unable to adapt to it, since we are basically evolving in comfy arm chairs right now, in terms of how we have evolved in the past in relation to how we are evolving now.
  5. Man that's a nice way of putting it :) we'll evolve around out technology. Who knows, maybe we'll have huge fingers to reach our iPhone 47's 6ft screen. Maybe we'll loose our limbs and be encased in our own technology. Who knows what the long term future holds
  6. My shell has absorbed your shell.
  7. Fuck blew my mind reggie_ watts i want what your smokin
  9. Please research quantum theory, I think it'll interest you.

    The only thing we absolutely are are beings operating on an algorithm or sensory activity, or perceived sensory activity.

    What color is the grass? Green? How do you know? You see it? Do you? Do you see it because your eyes tell you it is there or do you see it because your eyes TELL you that's what's there and you're conditioned to believe all you perceive is reality? .......what is green?

    :) love me some quantum when stoned

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    we're like ants, but much more complex (physically). They're pretty complex too.
    They're starting to say that an ant hive is 1 organism, with multiple bodies. Boggles the mind.
  11. But no matter the truth of reality we are forced to live in this one. So...

    I like to think that we are the way for the universe to view itself. We are the universe and we are god. You and I are one of the same. Everything is apart of 1 system. We are the same.
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  12. This is one of the main reasons i get high besides medical needs although it only happens when i don't get high for a while or its just that crazy universal high you get once in a while.

  13. My dude I hope my next high is that intense

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