Youre Morning Toke Routine?

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  1. We all have our ways of starting our days with ms. Jane. whats yours?
    personally I wake up, put on some chill tunes, and clear a couple bongs rips to start off my day before I go into smoking a bowl or two, I prefer a bong rip in the morning to give me a morning punch in the face of thc:)

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    Wake up.
    Say my prayers
    Brush my teeth
    Grab lighter, joint, and phone
    Go outside under the driveway and sit down in a chair
    Play "Waken Baken" by Wiz Khalifa and any other songs by him, but I always play that one first.
    Light my joint up
    Smoke while watching the sun come up.
    Think to myself about how life is beautiful.
    After i'm done, I go make some cereal and sometimes put the cereal box in the refigerator.
  3. Roll out of bed grab Mr bong filler up Rip It make bomb ass breakfast

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  4. I usually just kill whatever is left in my bowl from night before then turn on coffee and hop in shower then usually repack the bowl at that point
  5. Well when college is in session I get in the car, and smoke the entire ride (about 35 minutes) to school. I get there, eat breakfast, and I am set for the day. Well not really, I will probally get high 2-3 more times before I leave. I learn really well high!!
    If school is not in session then I have no morning routine period!! I sleep through it
    Weed music is absolutely great for a morning toke. Im more kid cudi but I love wiz too, I have two 12'' subs in my car so I love smoking and listening to their bass:)
    Bong rips and breakfast is one of the best meals
    When I had school I use to roll up two J's and go pick up a friend of mine and smoke one with him on the way to pick up someone else and we all smoked the other on the way to school haha xD
  7. Get up
    Get dressed
    Get my toking tools
    Head to the staircase
    Smoke up :D

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  8. Title = "You are morning toke routine"
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    Get the coffee going
    Put 1 cup of water on the stove, pinch of salt, handful of hemp seed. When water boils, stir in 1/2 cup of oatmeal for about a minute. Pour into a bowl and add a spoon of butter.
    Pour mug of coffee. 
    Check blood
    Fly through internet sites while washing down oats with coffee.
    Throw on some clothes and take the dog for a walk on the beach before the world wakes up. 
    World wakes up at 7am, bring dog back home, check on plants while smoking a bowl to ease pain from walking on beach.
    Pour a glass of juice and watch netflix.
  10. lol, shit happens man.
  11. Wake up, maybe do a bag if I got one, then head downstairs n rip a few bowls out the bong. Don't really start my day till after I do that.
  12. I always take a shower first and get dressed b4 I smoke, wakin' up and then sparkin' up automatically doesn't interest me
  13. I prefer my shower first too because I feel like showers kill my buzz and I gotta smoke again afterwards
    That's exactly how I feel
  15. Wake up
    Take a piss
    Look at bowl
    Take a hit
    Go back to sleep
    Wake up again
    Give all 7 animals their breakfast and 3 of them their medicine.
    Smoke rest of last nights leftovers
    Make breakfast and coffee
    Pack a bowl
    -if showering take a few hits before then finish while getting ready (dress hair makeup ect)
    -if bathing smoke in the tub.
    Put on pajamas and do make up
    Pack another bowl.

  16. Theres just no point in wasting a pack just to shower it off or eat the buzz away so I get that shit out of the way prior to my hits XD
  17. wake up, bathrobe on and make some tea,
    Roll up and smoke up,
    Come back in, wash face, sit down drink tea and go over any paperwork I need to be familiar with.
    start day.
  18. masturbate, smoke, masturbate some more
  19. I don't smoke before work . On my days off I usually get up go in the garage pack a bowl and listen to some sports talk or Howard stern . Sometimes I'll dab if I don't have shit to do
  20. Wake up and roll over, reach down to the floor, grab the bowl from last night and enjoy.

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