You're Ignorant, I'm Ignorant, Everybody Is Ignorant

Discussion in 'General' started by NeverMistakeMe, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. You're Ignorant, I'm Ignorant, Everybody Is Ignorant.
    Disagree? Convince me otherwise.
    Don't think you're ignorant? Explain.
  2. I'm smarter than everybody on this forum. FACT.
  3. Ignorance is bliss!:smoke:
  4. [quote name='"Purp Skurp"']I'm smarter than everybody on this forum. FACT.[/quote]

    Haha xD

    It's funny because people actually think like that, lmao
  5. I'm a demigod. You ain't shit OP.
  6. We are all ignorant about certain aspects of reality... Except for me.
  7. Hasty generalization and shifting the burden of proof.
  8. Everybody Is ignorant, especially those who disagree with this statement..

    You can't know everything
  9. How can I be ignorant when I'm right about everything?:cool:

    kidding aside... everyone is ignorant at times. It's human nature
  10. true that op

  11. PunchingZebra is ignorant of what the word irrelevant means :p:p:p look at ur sig bro haha non-irrelevant means that it DOES relate to the topic.....i think u mean irrelevant :p

  12. I know everything.
  13. There is a Russian proverb that translates roughly to "Live a century, learn a century, and you'll still die a fool."

    Im sure other cultures have their own versions of this but this is the one my grandma uses all the time.
  14. I knew you were gonna say that..
  15. im a dude, hes a dude, shes a dude, were all dudes

    and yes i am probably ignorant in some areas....
  16. I used to think I was ignorant about some aspects.....

    But now it feels like i'm me>world. :rolleyes:

    But really man..... I think we all know we're ignorant in aspects....I know i'm not ignorant with people though.... at least I try not to be. hah

    Don't mind me, i'm kind've baked :smoke:
  17. I'm not ignorant I know that. :cool:
  18. No no....

    god gave me common sense i can't speak for the rest of my generation though (93 and well everything after that just got fucked pretty hard)
  19. Fuck you im not ignorant.

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