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  1. So I walked into work like any other day this past Monday, when about 8 hours into the day on a 12 hour shift, I get called to the front office. Noticing several peep standing there. I knew right away what was up. A random drug test. Dammit got caught with no clean urine on me and no way to sneak back out to get some from coworker I had to man up and go in the cup. Usually get a heads up before but they caught everyone off guard that day. Not to mention I had been caught once before and you get one chance and if caught again you're fired. I knew what was gonna happen so decided to go anyway just so company had to spend the money for lab work already used the "I have a problem" once so knew that wouldn't fly especially with the work habits I had kept eyes off me. The funny part is I don't care because they treated everyone like crap. I'd rather go thru basic training again. Anyways they tried to make me feel bad with that sorry we have to let you go B.S. as I was escorted out. Right before clocking out I shocked them back by telling them they did me a huge favor. Not going to get into details or bash. This is the first time I ever got fired and not sweating it because already got interviews lined up for better paying jobs. The worst part of this whole deal was I was about to upgrade the electrical so my new grow could get started. Oh well its a delay but its all good. Wanted to vent and figured fellow blades would understand more. Peace.
  2. Sigh.

    OP, you should have done like Workaholics. :cool:
  3. Atleast you have other potential jobs lined up. It's always nice to stop working at a place that treats you like dog poo, good luck with your new job(s)!
  4. Good luck op
  5. Fuck yeah brother
  6. Good luck man, hope it works out for you.

    Makes me glad I'm Canadian. Random testing is illegal and the only reason they can pre-screen you is if it's a dangerous job.
  7. Gah, I hate the work force.
  8. ^ Exactly what I thought of when I read the title of this thread.

    But in a Steve Carrel voice. :laughing:

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