You're Favourite Word?

Discussion in 'General' started by gismo, Dec 15, 2010.

  1. But they get over it

    Edit: Sometimes...
  2. Tears are the best lubrication:D
  3. Scooby-DOOBIE-Doo!

  4. Fuck, dude, shit, sick
  5. Far Out.

    And Groovy.
  6. Nice

    (Grasscity said it was too my head im like thats what she said :rolleyes:)
  7. dude or man. for real dude, its in everything i say man
  8. 'Hip'

    It kinda pops doesn't it?

    Hip, Hip, Hip

    It starts to lose meaning..
  9. i like writing, and english, and language in general, so i like vocabulary that makes you sound eloquent and well-spoken. For some reason i use 'quite' a lot.
  10. Defenestration.
  11. I am favourite word?

  12. Moist, Gaping and Elope
  13. Anal


    Rearrange a couple letters and you got my name :p
  14. scintillating, my fav form of excitation.
  15. i always liked fabulator. kinda rolls off the tongue ya know?

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