You're all trippers

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by xsmallheartx, May 22, 2010.

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    I was just thinking about how much I've changed after tripping, and thought, isn't life tripping. Isn't everything with consciousness tripping. We don't know anything for certain. We don't even know if this IS reality. The birth of consciousness was amazing gift you have been given. With consciousness comes perception and your perception is unique. You're your own chemical tryptamine, your own LSD-25. The way we view things, the connections they hold, is incredible, your mind is a neurological universe. Oh and the best thing about it is, you hold special abilities in this universe. You can teleport from place to place, fly... do anything you want.

    Obviously it differs from consuming mushrooms or taking LSD but it is the same at the same time. After tripping I looked back on my life and discovered I have tripped a lot.

    In class speeches felt like eating 4 mushrooms and going through the whole trip within 3 minutes when I was a kid. First the heavy anxiety before saying the speech (dosing), Heightened anxiety whilst saying speech, sweeting, heavy breathing (Kick in). The end of the speech is close, anxiety dissipates, breathing more normal (come down). The speech finishes, psychologically drained (finished tripping).

    What do you call yourself?
  2. We're all trip outs in one point of our lives.
    Nice way of putting it.

    I trip out when I meet new people. :eek:
  3. never thought to compare something like a class speech to a trip, but i like what youve done here!
    i would only get that way if it was a topic i felt either very knowledgable about of if it was just very important to me. way back in highschool, after doing some reading on some disease my biology teacher and i were debating certain points brought up in the book and i was fucking shaking haha...first time i'd experienced that and the whole ordeal was a trip, now that i think of it
  4. so, basically you are comparing a hallucinogenic mind trip to preformance anxiety?

    well i agree there are similarities, but i'm not sure why you focused on something like a speech, or better said, a public preformance as an example of "tripping" when you already stated/asked the question "isn't life tripping?"

    you all ready had it. everything that we experience in this life as "what is", actually isn't the totality of "what is", thus the reason we are only able to sense (through our 5 senses) less than one millionth of reality (this is scientific fact).

    however, everything we can sense is a metaphor for the totality, or "what is", thus all those parables that all the wise men, prophets, and philosophers have spoken about throughout time.

    SO! experiencing a hallucinogenic trip on this level of existence, or through your 5 senses, is much like what it is to experience life.

    row, row, row your boat gently down the stream...
  5. Public speaking was my biggest fear as a kid, therefore that is why I focused on it. Big fears tend to be very similar to trips.
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    Tripping showed me how precious the human brain actually is. Think about it. Without this highly complex machine, without a hundred billion neurons arranged in a network, without the most powerful computer in the world -- the human cerebral cortex, psychedelic trips would not be possible. The effects produced by taking LSD, Mushrooms, or DMT would not be possible without a human brain, matter organized in a definite way.

    Now think about this. The earth existed for billions of years before there was ever a human mind to witness it. Project yourself 25 million years ago, and all you would find is dinosaurs. Go back 3.8 billion years, and you'll find an incandescent planet. All of those millions of years have passed without you being conscious of it, you were not aware of the dinosaurs, you were not aware of the solar system forming, you were not aware of the ice age. We're only alive for about 100 years or so, a pathetic and brief instant in the timescale of the universe.

    So in a way, for us, the universe only lasts 100 years. We went 13 billion years without being conscious, we get 100 or so years of human experience, and then we go back to an eternity of nothingness.

    So I say, we make the most of the time here, because it's precious. The brain is a delicate work of art produced by nature in order to know itself. It's the fruit of a long evolution, which has the ability to reflect the outside world. We should not just dismiss what we see as a dream and take it for granted, we should seek to make the most of it, because as far as I'm concerned, there is no after life.
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