you're all potential anarchy burgers if you want to be freeorder yourself an anarchy

Discussion in 'General' started by sensimil, Feb 16, 2003.

  1. burger (hold the government, please)

    theres a lot of screaming behind me,,

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    I had to go through google to get here. im confused and I cant post pics (ill try again in this post, watch itll work this time)
    did you ever have plans and instead turn the ringer off your phone and put on your favorite hoodie and make tuna sandwiches all night?

    i just wanted to apoligize to you
    but then i came too
    and realized
    Im NOT sorry, hunny, for things I do
    whatever they are
    whatever they may be
    I was, was I? drunk?
    laugh out loud
    the truth aint ever diguised

    open this window
    ill climb
    closing the door on me
    press play, slow down rewind
    make me, thhhhhhhhhhanks, open these eyes
    to what the truth lies
    so will i face it

    its all the same.. running around like a cliche
    like what I say
    just mixing words
    making a note cause you felt it first.[​IMG]
  2. someone sounds bored :p
  3. relatively.

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  4. [​IMG][​IMG]wooooohoo I can post pics again[​IMG]
  5. [​IMG]i just tried again in a diff thread and I cant,.again. someone is messing with me...what happened to your bush
    it's not the same
    something in your hedge
    made a violent change
    we come we see
    we dive and destroy
    and anhilating shrubs is what we enjoy
    hedge core hedge dive hedge core
    we're doin hedges to stay alive
    it's anarchy night every night of the year
    with chaotic mayhem
    we keep your bush in fear
    terrorist assasins of creative gardening
    fucking up your hedge here's what we sing

    where is everyone
  6. The board seems to have a couple problems.

    Sj will be back on it first thing monday morning..

    Just be patient Sensi!
  7. i got that too

    just went through my email

    i got it when i went through google

    i will unviel my plans tonight
  8. Add the Forum page to your favorites. I come in that way with out any trouble.
  9. I have the forum page as my home page :)

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