YOUR Zombie Apocolypse Plan

Discussion in 'General' started by Food Negotiator, Aug 14, 2010.

  1. So you woke up today and the zombie Apocalypse has happened. Whats your game plan? Where do you go from there? How do you defend yourself? :devious:
  2. Shit, I want to be a zombie.
  3. id just kill myself because id be that tired of it being brought up every other week.
  4. I'd go apeshit.
  5. Yay, another one o' these threads...

    Anyway, step a) Clean my Ruger .22

    b) Steal several tens of thousands worth of ammunition

    c) Do whatever.

    TBH I would be more worried about other surviving humans than Zombies. The .22 would be for defense, and for hunting. Ammo is very easy to find, plentiful, cheap if there's still a form of currency (at least as opposed to other ammunition.)

    Prolly move my ass to an inland lake, live off fish and squirrels and rabbits and the ocassional deer.
  6. haha, well i guess you wouldn't have to worry about anything.
  7. Lol, nope. Biting on people's faces seems fun. I'd try to be a cool zombie though, like the one from the Starburst commercial.

    [ame=""]YouTube - Starburst Zombie Video (New!)[/ame]
  8. so heres what i would do
    stock up on food, ammo, survival gear, meds, women, other survivors
    work my way to the coast, picking up survivors as i go and hopefully upon reaching the coast find a boat someone left behind. i know how to drive a boat and i would try to work my way along the coast up north to where its colder since zombies have no internal body temp they would simply freeze and i could wait it out
  9. I live in an apartment building so I would put this whole building on lock down. Anyone of my neighbors are welcomed to join me if not, you could get the fuck out my building. I'm talking about a fortress. After we have a home secure, it's time to go out and look for supplies. Hit the nearest gun stores, grocery stores, and probably some random shops for stuff here and there. After shit dies down on my block, I would set journey to the coast to find a boat like a poster above me said. Of course you'd try and find your family, so on the way we pick up stragglers. Set destination to an island somewhere in the Caribbean where population is low. Eradicate island of any zombies inhabiting it then place a defense around the island so no zombies could walk on the bottom of the ocean to me. Live life and repeat.
  10. If you don't have guns before it happens then your fucked. What? Are you gonna go to a gun store? Pawnshop? Fuck that :p.

    Aight so you need guns beforehand. Check. :devious:

    You need a good place to defend. Check. :devious:

    You need a big amount of non-perishable food, as well as perishible. Check.

    I'm set, blades.
  11. Depends if the zombies are fast paced or slow, but most likely I'm going to take a shovel, a baseball bat, a chainsaw or any other epic object to kill zombies and just go and kill zombies!
  12. Aquire materials. Weapons, food, water, other things...

    We will use a modified 18-wheeler that has been fortified to transport people and cargo.

    By then, I would have build my house ontop an abandoned missle silo. This will be my base. Motion sensors will be placed throughout the property and snipers will be on duty 24/7. We will be sustained by gardens and other sources of renewable food.

    We will send out parties to aquire more food, or find survivers. The convoy will consist of 2 military hummers, the modified 18-wheeler, and a helicopter.
  13. That's why I'm building an 8 foot wide alligator/pirhana moat around my dwelling.
  14. Chainsaw is too heavy and useless once it runs out of gas.
  15. Grab my zombie apocalypse gear, some rations, my katana, and run for the hills. I will go alone, fuck that group together bullshit. Kill off the weakest links, first, because they're fersure going to be the first ones to turn - they'll just be a nuisance later when I need to come back into town for food. :D
  16. play the hardest bass i can so their heads explode.

    like 30k watts
  17. Well my dad is ex law enforcememnt and has his share of high powered rifles and ammunition. Plus we have a 2 story so id probly fortify the windows and doors and sit up on my balcony blowin domes off zombies!
  18. First i'd go loot walmart , get water, canned food, seeds for produce, gasoline/charcoal, and go to my house. pour cement on the 1st floor windows and weld down the doors with steel bars. on my patio i'd start a garden for fruits/vegetables/weed(i have 15 different kinds of quality seeds from years of tokin) as for defense, i have a 20 guage pump action winchester and a russian 7.62 with a 30 round clip and bayonet. i think i'd be good for at least 3 months rationing before i had to go out for food, although you'd have to consider going out early in the apocolypse due to the supply of good food diminishing from lack of supply.

    this would be my plan. although here in Texas I think the zombies wouldn't survive, i can't name one family that i know of in my town that isn't packing.
  19. I can see smith and wesson from my porch, they have a firing rang there (been there many times) so I would head there first they have some diesel double reinforced concert walls with razor wire on tops and bottom, prolly ride out the initial feast there, then in the semi calm try and make it to the airforce base one town over....
  20. about an O of some good shit. then an m24 sniper riflem and an sv98 sniper rifle. thats the only plan i need. bullets to ya dome!

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