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  1. So there are moments in your life that raise the immediate question: What the fuck!? Moments that confound, confuse, and leave you wondering what the fuck you did to deserve such harsh treatments from the cursed Gods. Share them here so we can all have a laugh at your expense.:D

    I had such a moment about an hour and a half ago.

    I was on my way home from work going along on the freeway. It had been raining all morning and now the sun was coming out so i had my 2 front windows rolled down.

    So there i am cruisin along when out of fucking nowhere a cloud of bees appears in which my car promptly plows into. I didn't realize what i had driven into at first but then all these things start getting wrecked by my windshield and it was like people with paintball guns were shooting the windshield with little ass bees.

    I guess the fuckers driving in the car in front of me can't handle bees or something and start braking. So i'm slowing down in the midst of the bee cloud and now trying to roll up my windows before any come in. Luckily the people in front of me start moving again but not before 2 bees make their way into the car. I managed to speed up fast enough where the windows vacuumed them out though so a crisis was averted.

    That was it. I was trying to figure out why the bees were amassed in such a huge fucking death cloud though. those fuckers that killed Macauly Culkin ain't got shit on these things.
  2. inb4coolstorybro
  3. Was Macauly Culkin allergic to the bees in that movie? If so, what's the name?
  4. What you met Maccauly Culkin at the Bee Movie opening?

  5. haha.

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