Your Worst Sexual Experience?

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by jizzledfreq, Jun 10, 2013.

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    I think this morning had to take the cake for me. I tried to initiate sex, as soon as my fingertips touched my girls thigh she said, "it tickles" which was expected, but I then started to rub her vagina to get the juices flowing, she finally layed on her back and just layed there completely emotionless as fingered her, then she wanted me on top, and when I went to put my dick in, it was like all the wetness went away.

    She seems like she likes the sex after penetration, but that laying there completely emotionless... That was some weak shit...
  2. There's nothing worse then a boring ass girl that doesn't know how to fuck.
    My first sex was the worse because I barely remember it.
    A bottle of ketel one and four 2mg klonopins later with tons of bud in the mix.
    Don't remember shit
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    Best start doin some new shit bro. Get that bitch a vibe instead of your finger lol.
  4. This one time when I got raped by Bigfoot at Yellowstone national park
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    i've never had terrible sex, it's all been pretty good physically.
    there was a time when i was younger, i had a fuck buddy that i had absolutely NO feelings for. i made this very clear and it was okay for a while but the worst time was when he shouted out "i love you" when he came and i didn't even finish. then he wanted to cuddle and "make some more love" as he put it. I was so turned off in that moment i just blurted out how terrible i felt that i was using him for sex and he kicked me out :laughing:
  6. Are you going to have bigfoots babies?
  7. No I'm a guy and Bigfoot was a girl. So she's actually having little squat foots.
    She's had no libido since I don't know when, and it's definitely nothing on my part. 
    Looks like the high school kids are out of school for the summer and are flooding the forums at an unstoppable pace :rolleyes: Just by your post alone I can tell you're a dumb freshman, there's no way you're over 18.
    That would pretty damn awkward to tell you the truth! If I had to have a FWB, I'd definitely make sure I have a couple in rotation so I don't get attached. I mean what did he expect was going to happen though!?
  9. There are too many to remember, but this was my absolute worst.
    I've never understood the obsession with anal sex which has only been popular in the past 15-20 years. It was pretty rare before that. Internet porn has done more to popularize it than anything else. It's like gratuitous violence in movies; over time it always escalates. I guess people got bored watching (or doing) regular sex so they thought they had to do something else. I've only done it a few times and it was never my choice. I have never been bored fucking a cunt, lol.
    About 6-8 years ago I was dating a woman 15 years younger than me, and one night her kids were out for the night so we jumped in bed. Damn, if she didn't want it up the ass. The relationship was on edge so I complied rather than piss her off.
    When we got done and I pulled out I could smell it. We turned the lights up and my entire dick was coated with shit. And it fucking stunk. She says go the bathroom and do whatever you need to do. So I got in the tub and turned the shower on, sprayed it on my dick and the shit was like fucking glue. The water would not wash it off. So I had to use my hand, WTF. It was the most disgusting thing I've ever done in my life. I didn't feel clean again for a fucking week.
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    Good lord...
    I think you might have turned me off to anal sex for the rest of my life. I've tried it like 4-5 times and the only reason I liked it is because it so damn tight haha. 
    It was gross.
    Tight or not, it never interested me. I'd rather have a sloppy cunt than a tight asshole.
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    That's how girls politely teach thier bf not to initiate sex. Let her iniate for a change.

    And if I post my worst sexual experience I will be banned from GC.
  13. Losing my virginity.
    I prob wasn't much longer than 3 inches then...  :cry:  :laughing:  :confused_2:
    She was a skank anyway  :hello:
  14. My last time was the worst for me.The guy I was talking to always talked about how he was the best at eating kitty kat.Nah, not true. He penis wasnt any good either. It was a nice size, but he didn't know how to use it. So, i tried to take over and just ride him, but he wouldn't let me he said he only liked missionary or doggy. ok fine, let's do doggy then. One pump two pump...15 pumps and then it was over. Ok, first nut whatever its ok, then four nuts ( all quick) later I just gave up and went to sleep.
  15. I'm 35 and have a Ph.D in kicking your ass. I'll sick my little squat foots on you
    Fizzly... I think you just won this whole thread :laughing: I mean I'm very into anal sex (only have had it once, but wouldn't mind going at it again) but god damn! I hope I'd never get thick, nasty, shit all over my cock that I couldn't even get off w/ water. Hopefully her future partners didn't get it as bad as you.
    I think that was the 3rd (and last) time I did it. Different broad each time, but as I said before it was never anything I wanted. Assholes are designed for one thing, and putting things into them isn't it. Shit stinks for a reason, and we're supposed to be smart enough to figure that out.
    That woman was an emotional wreck. Her bed was in the (unfinished) basement so her kids could each have a bedroom. Nothing wrong with that, but her bed was right next to the furnace which seemed to kick on at the most inopportune times. And it was LOUD.
    The first time I did it was with a married broad I was banging a long time ago, who talked me into it one night when we were drunk and high. She said her husband liked to cornhole her when she was ragging. WTF, I'll take a bloody cunt over an asshole any day. :D
    Oh well, it is what it is. Anal sex isn't anything new, but the widespread acceptance of it is and most of the women I've been with in the past 10-15 years, who were a lot younger than me, wanted it. Before that, nobody EVER hinted at it with the exception of the above married broad.
    If people prefer it over normal sex then the human race will die out, haha.
  18. One time i was having shower sex with my ex and when i pulled out there was a giant blood clot stuck to my dick :(
  19. Lol, looks like this is becoming a "Your grossest sexual experience ever" thread :laughing: I guess I'll just sit back and let the chaos ensue!
  20. One time I was 69ing with a girl and it looked like she forgot to wipe her ass ...fuck me

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