Your worst "oh shit i'm caught" moments

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CDDIDIT, Dec 16, 2010.

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  1. Lol i wanna hear some stories about the worst times you ever got caught. One time when i was 16 i thought my dad was going on an overnight trip. I eavesdropped on a few phone calls. I decided to throw a kickback together. Just a little smoke party with friends. We started at 6 and smoked till like 1. At which point everyone passed out. We had also eaten brownies that we thought weren't gonna kick in so we decided to blaze. We had smoked maybe 7 1.5 gram blunts. Was so fucking gone. Passed out on couch. Everyone had passed out i guess. Then my dad comes home...idk what time it was but i am guessing like an hour or less after we passed out because i still smelled smoke. Should have seen him. Walked straight to his room with his gf just giving me the evil eyes. While all my friends are sitting there shitting themselves. Got in a ton of trouble for that one.

    Once when i was in high school i was smoking in this alley. It was only like a block from the school but my school used to be REALLY bad so like they didn't even care to come that far. But the year this happened my school got remodeled and became all good and strict. So it was like the third day of school. We are all skipping first period which i think was guitar. We are in the back elley smoking blunts talking about what we are gonna get from the store. We were huddled up looking on way up the alley to make sure this lady who lives in the house didn't see us and call the cops. We should have been watching the other way. The vice principal and security guards were there. They watched us blaze for probably a full minute before we realized it. The whole time they were walking up the alley. Me and ally my friends just froze. Then BROKE. It was crazy. Like we all froze and time froze for a fraction of a second then it was like boom we took off. We all just ran straight until we got to the bus stop. Went to a friends house and took a day off to chill. Wanted to wait till everything cooled off. The school probably knew what was up but we were all rock solid since they couldn't prove anything.

    Tell yours.
  2. I remember this summer, I smoked my first joint. I had been smoking for a few weeks but nothing serious, some brick shit. So me and my friend and sitting there smoking a joint, hotboxing. We where in a little alley way, probably like 6 feet wide, enough for one car. So we are about 3/4 of the way done with the joint and about 20 feet infront of us a cop just rolls by. We both sit there like ":eek: holy fuck" and I freak out and put the joint out on my palm (Could have poped the cherry, didn't know at the time) and we started up the car and slowly crept out and got the fuck out of there. A little to close of a call. Good story to tell though. :smoke:
  3. Ive never been caught, but i remember almost shitting myself.

    Woke up one morning for school, i was a sophmore. Decided i would smoke before going, and i only had like 10 mins to do so, so i would have to bring my lighter to school; bad idea. I go to the bus and immediately the bus driver lady is giving me some werid looks.

    I chill out, listen to my ipod, and as were pulling up to school she parks off to the side and calls a resource officer, there i almost shat myself.

    I kept thinking, holy shit im going to get caught for this lighter...fuck my life is over :( My parents are gonna beat my ass, and i would get kicked outta school; keep in mind my paranoia is off the fucking charts when im high :p

    So the bus driver lets everyone off except for me and this other girl. The driver was like, "ok, i smelled weed on one of you, who has it?"

    The other girl i can tell was about to cry, but i wasn't going to be a dick and let her fall for my mistake; or so i thought.

    As i was about to say something, the girl ends up confessing she had a roach and is arrested for posession near school grounds or some shit like that...

    So i was let off the bus, and i went to the bathroom to check myself....i had to piss so fucking bad from all that it lasted forever :smoke:

    its definitely something i would never forget...
  4. Intense! I bet you didn't smoke at school after that. :smoke:
  5. Yea i read the thread you made about it.
  6. I like this thread..

    This is 2 oh shit im caught stories in 1 day

    This was my freshman year in highschool. Broke my pipe, couldn't smoke at the house, and a few hot girls and 2 other guys wanted to smoke with me, so I packed my bong in my backpack and walked to this sewer I usually smoke at. So I pour the water in, load a bowl, I am about to take the first hit when one of the guys was like wait I think I hear something. I get scared I have my weed layin out my bong out my backpack open with shit everywhere, i start slowly packin stuff then he moves up to see who it is and theres 2 guys and hes signaling for us to haul ass (we are in the middle of the sewer there are 2 ways in), so I just dip the fuck out of there :bolt: throw everything in my back pack cover the bowl on the bong dump the water out and throw it in my backpack (i am doing all this while I am hauling ass out of the tunnel), throw on my backpack and we are hauling ass out of there, and the people behind us are running at us so where like shit probably cops or something, we get out of the tunnel theres this huge ass wall we gotta climb, i chuck my backpack over it and i start scaling that thing, the 2 guys run out, turns out its my friend and his friend who where going there to smoke also haha. So I grab my shit we go back into the tunnel and we load bowl after bowl we match together we completely lose track of time its well lit outside when we start. So, we leave the tunnel, turns out my moms been trying to call me for 2 1/2 fucking hours while I was down there. She left 7 voicemails, sent me 18 texts, called me 23 times, i wrote it all down cause i shit myself how many times she called n stuff. She thought i was fucking kidnapped or some crazy shit happened to me she picks me up shes pissed i get screaaammmeed at she asks if I was smoking i deny deny deny, she believes me, luckily i brought axe to spray my backpack/self and put eyedrops in..we go to a mexican restaurant to eat, I am so fucking high I am at my peak haha it was pretty hard to be normal. Was delicious though !

    Crazy ass day
  7. i was in high school and had a girl over and we were rippin my bong.. then i hear the garage open! i just threw all my shit under the bed and pushed her in the closet took off all my clothes lol =) and acted like i was showering.. my step dad walks in sees weed crumbs on the floor and looks in the closet and she smart and hid behind my coats.. so then he just left, i was so shooken up that i ended up failing at hookin up with this girl.

  8. weren't u all ready naked though..... how could u fail lol

  9. i put my boxers back on, and then i just fucked up.. hahah i dont know how i did either. i was young though and shit like that was complicated still. i was in boxers, she was on my bed.. lol i guess i was just to high and then bugged out from step dad
  10. I would have just hid the weed and closed my door, if my dad came home and there was a girl here, he'd just leave. He knows the deal.

    I would have screamed at her for calling me so much, calm down woman.
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