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Your weirdest dream?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by YourPerception, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. I have had some bizarre dreams. I have had some nightmares of my room being surrounded by evil creatures you would find at Chucke Cheese. It would have been considered more of a nightmare though. I have also had some crazy, good dreams that sometimes get intertwined between life and reality. Many of times, I have woken up and thought SO hard about whether it was reality or just a dream. I've gotten some parts of dreams mixed up with life. Maybe my life is just a dream? Time is relative :smoke:
  2. I never really dream...shit sucks.
  3. Weed reduces REM sleep. Maybe try not blazing for a few weeks and see how it goes?
  4. something about a shark hopping on top of a building and eating it, don't remember much else I was maybe like 12
  5. I always have crazy ass dreams on tbreaks but when I'm smoking I dont dream. I like it tho dreams piss me off. Cliffhanger central.
  6. Yes, I know weed reduces REM sleep and dreaming, that's why I don't dream alll the time. I just have those really random dreams/ trips. I have had some great experiences with marijuana and alcohol though (I agree marijuana over alcohol anyday), but I am experienced with both and had some very unusual, but great trips with the combination.
  7. lol this is more what I'm talking about [ame=]‪Munch's Make-Believe Band: Go To Chuck E. Cheese‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

  8. omg that insane man. I'm so lit right now and that scared the shit outta me! lol last time i saw it i was running away from it scared as fuck. I always used to hide in the playground when they came around. Damn back when i was about 4 lol
  9. I had a dream that if I ran fast enough and I jumped I could fly forever. Woke up thinking it actually happened (I was sober back then)
    My worst nightmare tho, I had a guy chasing me and I fell, and since I couldn't catch my breath, and from all the screaming (screamo signing) I used to I couldn't scream (fact) and I just sat there as he blocked the sun and stared down at me (woke up thinking that was true as well, I was terrified)
  10. Yeah I feel ya, Fuck that shit man :smoke:
  11. #11 kronman907, Aug 2, 2011
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    No it doesn't. When smoking daily you almost never remember your dreams, you still get all the rem sleep you would normally get. Don't make up facts .
  12. Well I always have amazing dreams of flying. It's like one of my heart's deepest desires lol. Like for example one I was in some city that lived underground and i finally got up to the surface one day. I was flying up high and like I could see my dream literally going from standard definition to mega ultra high definition. And while it happened I was slowly rising over london. It was fucking insane.

  13. Yea seriously lol. It's great to be able to look at them now. Man the shit we fear when we are little is so weird. It's like we had stoned thoughts back then if you think about it. Like you have weird ass assumptions about reality and bizarre dreams. Just some random thoughts I'm having right now lol.
  14. Like I've said, has anyone thought of the possibilty they're just living a dream? Ever had a day, few days, or a long period of time that was counted on the calendar as days but really felt like a dream?
  15. This was actually said in another thread with plenty of research quoted throughout.... Hence why he agreed with me.
    Don't make up facts.

  16. Yea, I used to have that all the time. It's called dissociation. I first had it when I was like 10 and I realized there is no set purpose of life. That was like epiphany moment lol.
  17. Damn, sorry i'm pretty stoned. I forgot to answer question. Yea I have had like moments where I feel like everything is a movie or something. Like everything is strange and weird and meaningless. And i've thought that it meant I was in a fake world. I honestly feel like dreams feel more real than reality.
  18. I enjoy these convos man. :) :smoke:. I've thought many of times how reality is what a person makes of it. You have love, you have reality, you have a god, you have whatever there is to believe in, it's still your own is your perception ;).

  19. Shit lol. It was just kinda freaking me out a minute ago lol. I honestly don't like my dissociation since it's usually associated with anxiety for me. When I smoke it really really helps. Helps ground me and my obsessive thoughts over whether things are real or not lol. Yay! medicate/get high lmfao :smoke:
  20. i haven't had a dream in forever... damn

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