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YOUR virginity stories..

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by Ba1lz420, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Where?

    I was 16 when i lost my virginity to an old friend (who was 21 at the time) in her laundry room (there was a mattres) from 2-6 in the morning haha.
    Loosing your virginity to an older guy was a definetly good choice.

    LETS hear your stories.. especially the funny ones.
  2. Lost mine in a crack dealers house,on crack, to his asian girlfriend's little sister when I was 10 and she was like 11 and yeah we really were high on crack.

    no joke.
  3. Thats.......interesting
  4. Uh, just last year when I was 17.
    Started dating a girl.
    On the second day in she and her friend got drunk, afterwards I was walking her home.
    And I guess she was really craving sex.
    Since before we reached her house we were having sex in a park.

    This was with me in my preppy work uniform.
    Half-way through I accidentally hit a button on my cellphone with my leg and "Dazed and Confused" started to play.

    What a horrible story lol.
  5. Virgin Mary
    She's the Most.
    She got had by the Holy Ghost
  6. Got drunk at this Asian girl's house when I was 14 or 15 and then it just happened.
  7. Freshmen year, I was having a party after our district championship win and Christina came over to talk to me at a party. I thought she was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, she was a sophmore and she had it going on. We got to talking out of the blue (she asked me if I had ever done it-I awnsered no) and she took me to the back room and fucked the living shit out of me. I miss that girl...
  8. I was 17 she was 16. She was one of my sisters friends [​IMG]. Worst sex of my life, she wasnt very tight and didnt move much. Dont worry she was sober and alive hahaha. She said it was one of the best times shes had but it was like humping a can of warm spaghetti. Well i think the spaghetti made more noise [​IMG]

    Do i regret it? no never
  9. Oooo The memories ;)

    It was the summer going into my junior year of highschool... My girlfriend and I had been togethor for over a year and we truly loved each other. One night she had a friend over and the three of us had drinks by a fire in her back yard, I ended up sneaking into the camper in her back yard. Well, one thing led to another and i happened to have a a condom that night. The worst part was, her friend was in the other end of the camper supposedly sleeping.... The next day her friend knew and kept harrassing us about the camper rockin' all night long... lol good shit

    I wouldn't have changed anything about it.....
  10. Bla Only just lost myn.. 18..

    19 now anyway met this girl randomly at a gas station (friend knew her) she got in my car we spoke for 5 mins next thing I know we were fucking.

    Shes now my g/f and shes the best shit that has ever happened to me. :smoke:

    edit. To OP you said in her laundry room? You lost your virginity to a girl or? lol
  11. I was 17 and had been invited to a party by this guy I hardly knew, but he was 20 and really hot and I decided what the hell. I got drunk, he got drunk... and that was that. I remember going to the bathroom, he followed me in, and we ended up having crazy sex on the floor of the bathroom right away. We hooked up a few times after that day, and I was pretty surprised to find out that I'd lost my virginity to a fucking 11-incher. =D

    It was actually pretty funny because I was quite drunk... and I remember thinking "Damn, I have to pee!" and going to the bathroom right away. It made no sense whatsoever why this guy pushed right into the bathroom behind me... and I remember thinking "What in the world does he want? I really have to pee! Doesn't he know that?!" But when he pushed me against the wall and we started going at it... it finally clicked in my drunk brain, "Oooh, he wants SEX."

    Also, later that night at the party I had sex with another hot, hot, older guy... while 10 or so drunk guys watched. Good shit. Haha, I don't know what I was thinking, but if you're going to do something, might as well go all the way... right?

  12. Dude, nothing to be ashamed of. I was 18 when I lost mine. Not until my freshman year of college.

    Well, day before classes start I was hanging out with this chick and hung out in her dorm for like 3 hours, talking about shit....No joke, just talking. Well, a couple days later I invited her to a party at my friends apartment. At the end of the night, everyone is gone, my friends are asleep and we got into it on the fucking living room floor. I guess being my first time I was nervous so I never came but we got kicked out for making noise while my friends were trying to sleep. We picked up again in her dorm a couple days later and I finally blew my load....Long story short, we ended up dating for 2 1/2 months and fucked like 2 or 3 times a day. I've only had sex with 3 other girls but I have to say the first girl I had sex with was the best. She was just as horny as me and so into it. We haven't spoken since we broke up in Nov. '06, but what the fuck ever....

  13. haha oopss this happend at my best firends house who was a girl
  14. to my best friend's sister, on their trampoline in the backyard when i was 17.
  15. another funny story wasn't about my virginity being taken, but me taking anothers.
    It was a night of heavy partying involving jager and mickey's
    Me and this guy started hooking up and then things lead to us having sex...
    before he tried to put a condom on and compeltely didn't know what he was doing..so i did it, i didn't think anything of it while i was shitfaced but now remembering that would be the first sign.
    I remember him telling me he specificlay had gotten a lot of action which i thought was funny, i had no idea he was a virgin besides the fact that he wasn't the greatest peformer.
    In the morning i sit down with the guys best firends becuase i stayed the night, and they tell me he was a virgin and i fucking lost it i was laughing my ass offff.

    i was thinking how could i not realize that before....then i was like welll 10 shots of jager and a 40 could do that to most haha.
  16. I wish I remember....

    All I know is that it involved lots of drinking and drugs, and that I probally wasn't wearing a condom...

    My mind is mad fucked up. I can't remember what I did a week ago.
  17. when i was 14 to my current girlfriend. :D
    had a free house and it was great!
    god i miss her, now we live in different countries
    shes in spain and im in england
    i love her as much as i ever could :D
    peace out
  18. I was 14 with another chich who was 14, we had been dating like 8 months or so and one day we were just fucking around pretty hardcore and i pretty much said enough of this bullshit, and just fucked her like crazy...

    We dated another 2 years, we broke up, and wow, my sex drive is intense.
  19. Wow.

    Just wow.

  20. I lost my virginity in a tree house....
    We were gonna do it in this clearing in some woods right next to a creek
    But being young (13 or 14, i dont remember), we wanted to be in view of the house in case someone comes looking for us.
    I'm not proud of who I lost it to
    But the scenery (farmhouse, woods with a natural path running through, rural area..) was beautiful.

    E: +I was into the whole Wiccan thing, that made everything more special. It being 30928340 years ago, I can still see everything as it was.

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