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Discussion in 'General' started by Buzzwell420, Jun 1, 2013.

  1. If given the opportunity and the ahead by your manager would you streak from work its a million dollar company.

    Or does karma apply.
    they already want you not report a certain amount. Other s in the company are doing it your managers doing it.

    I dint think I will.

    Just bringing up the topic for discussion.

    I'm willing to not clock iout for my thirty minute break due to lack of labor laws.

    I am no saint but wanna keep my karma right
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  2. I never understand your posts buzzwell :laughing:
    As far as karma is concerned i honestly don't believe it. If it was true i wouldn't keep getting fucked. I'm a good person but i'm like a lightning rod for bad things.
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    This I think I will because that stuff.
    Around it come then over and through, behind it goes.
    Back then comes it!
    Some Asian people be crazy, though, and not know, I do, about favor in next life.
    But who knows, you know? WHO? WHO? WHO?
    Yeah...  :bongin:  :hippie: 
  5. If you believe in karma, it's real. Just like anything else.
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    Its simple, cause and effect, what you put out is what u get back. No need to create any woowoo, there is no exterior force dictating the effect a circumstance will have on your life nor a choice that you make, it is the beliefs of right or wrong and a duality that is causing the perceived this or that just is
  7. Joy was hot but Catalina could get it all day long.
  8. woah..

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  9. Well, the idea that "good things happen if you do good things," isn't necessarily what I follow; that's actually somewhat egotistical. (I'm going to be nice so that people be nice to me in return.)
    My idea is that good things spread. If a person is driving and gets cut off, they may be more inclined to drive aggressively themselves. In contrast, if the same person sees someone generously waving another car into the line of traffic, they may do the same--all subconsciously. 
    Plus, people are always saying how they have no faith in humanity, or some other silly garbage. It's empowering to see a person doing the "right" thing. Take a moment to interact with the person next to you on the bus, wait two seconds to hold the door open for someone coming in after you, smile or even offer a casual greeting to the person walking opposite you on the sidewalk... 
  10. I also don't clock out for my 30 minute breaks but get them inserted into my time sheet anyways. Kinda sucks how a law that was meant to ensure workers got time off is making it so I get paid for 30 minutes less a day of the time I work.
    But yeah on the whole karma thing I don't believe in karma as an actual force but I do feel that if you behave in a certain way towards others it will better your own life. I also think it is good that some people believe in karma because that makes them act better than they would otherwise. Some people need to believe in something greater than themselves in order to be good people.
  11. more in the sense of attachment to money?.

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    Do what feels right. Karma is more like intuition.
    Changes with the moment though. Timing is everything.
  13. personally, i try to be a good person and do good things, but it's not because of karma.  just seen too many bad people that i dont want to be like in my life.
  14. Again, I will now proceed to tell you a story about my dick, I think it should answer your question.
  15. people in America have seem to give their own definition to Karma, which was a hindu belief that graded your actions good and bad to see what level you were reincarnated was never "what goes around comes around"
  16. you should be a good person because you want to be a good person, not because this idea of karma is making it seem as though you should be 'this or your that'
  17. I don't believe in karma because so much terrible shit has happened to me for no reason
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    some*People who believe in karma would tell you its because of something you did in a past life. Id say those are challenges you chose to experience to become more of ur true self and to learn and grow
  19. The worst karmic offense is not believing in karma.
  20. I believe in karma. I always try to pinpoint what I've done to bring certain things upon myself.

    Other times I think shit happens just to teach us a lesson.

    Sometimes completely innocent people have terrible things happen to them and I don't think it's always necessarily something that they've done.

    And I don't really belive in a past life so that's where karma gets sticky for me.

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