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    First...Sorry if this is the wrong spot.

    Ok so im reading some news and stuff while i enjoy my morning dab and some coffee. Came across drug testing for welfare. I agree with this but i also dont. This also go in the line of pre-employment drug testing. ok here is the chart i found. to me seems pretty accurate

    So how unfair is this bullshit for us Blades. So in reality they will higher a fucked up Meth head who probably laces Meth with Angle dust and he will get the job over you. just cause you failed with pot. Man that shit is fucked up...That shit puts my head in a knot. its sad and sickening but its so damn true. all these pointless drugs take days..just days. maybe a week. 

    I sat on this for a minute and thought about how my job went from highering people like any other good company would by checking applicants. But ever since my job started highering from Temp Agencies we been getting fucked up people. Some would come drunk. I have this guy who nods out cause he takes xanax and seroquel at work recreationaly. its just a full out mess at my work right now. I cant even handle it so im changing departments lol. Dude having some one fucked up on xanax and seroquel trying to help you straight out a box with 50 pound motors doesnt not go well at all. i had to be like dude i know man i know...just go tag before you get busted. 
  2. Drug testing is an invasion of privacy...and I am not in favor of it...
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  3. Drug testing for a job and drug testing for welfare are completely different subjects.

    As for drug testing on a job, I think it's a complete invasion of privacy and shouldn't matter at all. Whatever drugs a person is on, if it doesn't interfere with their work, it shouldn't matter, if it does, they'll just be fired. It's as simple as that.

    As for welfare, you're talking about taxes going to poor people, which in many cases nowadays are people abusing the system, so if you elect to receive money from the government, and you are spending all that money on crack instead of your children, or rent, or food, etc. there is an obvious misuse of the free money that you are given. 

    But I'm still pretty conflicted on this whole welfare deal, because not everyone is given the same opportunities as others, etc. etc... I've thought about it a lot, but I have no real true ideal about this.
  4. I think its bullshit. Im being drug tested by the state for probation, and I can drink 3 or 4 days out of the week, and 3 days later pass with flying colors.

    But if I take one teenie weenie little toke id probably be fucked.

    Thats the one thing I dislike about weed. The rediculously looong ass time it stays in your system.

    Drug tests basically target weed because of this. I could basically do any other drug and in 3 to 5 days be clean.

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  5. To me it's like asking a blood test or DNA it's fucking private they shouldn't need some test to see if they want to hire me. What's next handing over your medical history, alcohol consumption, diet??? Fuck off.

    And fucking people and welfare, taking pennies off people with next to nothing making themselves feel big by making other people feel like shit.

    I don't give a fuck what they test positive for they can have the meagre amount of money out of my tax straight up no problem. If it saves someone the embarrassment of being drug tested for table scraps I'm all good. Fucking well off people get so up in their high horse over such insignificant to them shit.

    I fucking hate people who bitch about people on welfare while drinking a bottle of wine or eating a meal that cost more than they get a week or month to live off.
  6. fuck drug testing
  7. Pilots, doctors or politicians, basically people with your
    life in their hands, should all have mandatory Drug Testing.
    It sucks, but I don't want my Pilot high on drugs while
    he's flying my plane.
    All politicians should have daily drug tests, just because.
  8. Bet that 3/4 of them would fail.
  9. True. I think weed should just be legalized cuz it brings no harm yet it is the thing that fucks most of us over.
  10. Of course as long as I get to watch everyone, associated with the test, pee whenever I so desire.
    Ive only be piss tested three times in my life. And every time I piss all over the fucking cup and fill it to the brim. Then I make them deal with it.

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