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Your view of how life should be lived

Discussion in 'Philosophy' started by Bomba, Nov 17, 2003.

  1. I'd like to hear how some of you guys view life and how you belief in living or how you would like to live it if you're not currently living it the way you want. It's kinda lengthy but, here's mine...

    I'm not too much of a religious person, the type that you would know my beliefs just by meeting me, but I do believe in God, and creation and many things that go along with it. I was born catholic but do not consider myself catholic because I've grown to see things in my own perspective and don't believe in some of the things that are done and are believed by the catholic religion such as confession, but that's another story. Ever since I can remember, I've never really wanted to be an average working person, I know that almost every person had dreams of being a superstar or famous actor or something when they were younger but my thurst for a unique life has never really gone away. Of course I have a goal for a "normal" profession which is a computer tech, but I am also a musician, I rap & sing and once in a while work on some techno type beats. I record on my home computer and am currently working on an album. Ever since I can remember, music has been my #1 thing, before weed came along to me, music was the only thing that kept me goin, it could always change my mood and lift my spirits. So being a musician...sorta fulfills my need to be different...even if I dont make it in the big times which I'm not planning on because there's so much more talent and I've always tried to be more reasonable, I'm quite happy just making good music that can maybe have an effect on other people the way music did for me. Now, in life...I'm a very laid back type person who can just go with the flow and I can get along with most people...I can jus party and have fun and I can get into deep and spiritual discussions with someone. I want to succeed of course, school, and having a reasonably stable life, but more then bein a success in modern society (which has come to be known as "life") I pride myself more on being a good person and having fun in life which I think can easily go hand in hand. I smoke bud because even though I try to live more simply, the complications of modern life can get to me, I smoke it to just have a good time, and to free my mind and see things from a different perspective. I think that God understands everything that I do and is fine with it as long as one has a "pure" heart. So, my main goal in life is to be successful without losing any of my beliefs or going against them to succeed. I could go on forever lol, but thats a small bit of what I think life is = ]
  2. I believe in not thinking too much, because it can give me a headache, if i had a choice to be sober for the rest of my life or stoned for the rest of my life, i would have to say stoned.
    That's me in a nutshell.
  3. Simple really.....

    We should be able to live any way that we want to as long as we don't harm or bother any one else..

    We should be free to live on our properties with out the worry of some one coming around and being able to take it away if we are paying our bills and not endangering others..

    If more people would take care of their own and be sober in the eye of the public, we wouldn't have so much to worry about..
  4. I think every way is a fine way to live life. We have endless options and they are all equal, they each have thier own benefits, and negatives, but I do not believe one should in general live one way or another. Concepts like a moral life or a just life, or even an evil life are all man made, there is no such thing as good or bad or better or worse, everything is an experience and that is all everything is.
  5. As long as i'm happy. I need to get these damn restraints off me first though... bummer. I still need to learn how to block out my surroundings and people and such. Sometimes that is the only way to be happy... or just content.
  6. treat others how you want to be treated..

    pay your bills on time...

    party if u want, but make sure your kids are not in any danger from yourself or others around you...

    appreciate every day...

    give and accept love openly...

    your own mouth is your own worst enemy (secrets are secrets) buts...

    always have goals and dreams, for without goals and dreams you are an empty shell...

    dance in the rain at least once a

    edit:also never swear in front of your children...

    good luck on the album!any previews?
  7. Real tight replies = ] thanks, I haven't got any previews yet but hopefully pretty soon, I just recently found out how to master so re-doin some tracks = ]
  8. My philosophy on how life should me lived can be somed up by these 2 simple little things, So Fucking What and The Golden Rule(for those who don't know what that is look it up).
    So fucking what just pretty much means don't sweat shit cause what is going to happen is going to happen no matter what you try and do to prevent it so you might as well not waste time on it. The golden rule i think is pretty self explainatory.
  9. i think in each persons span of 80-100 years they should beable to acumilate and have certin things having more of these things to me means i have lived a better life:

    having kids
    lots of beer
    lots of food
    lots and LOTS of weed
    a nice girl to love
    having a decent car (1200-10000$ range)
    not just having a job but finding a career that i really enjoy
    having a house that i have paird off and own
    having fuirniture and accessorys i would deem comfortable living
    etc etc etc the list can go on forever

    but the more you work for and create for yourself i think that is what we are sposed to strive for, the matereal things maby even this explanes why we build citys and counqer and stuff just the need to accumilate wealth and power part of the fomula in humanity
  10. .....ya gotta be an aussie girl,lol.:D[​IMG][​IMG]
  11. howzit goin...are you??
  12. Hmmmm...I'd have to say this..

    Walk placidly among others, take every day as a gift.
    Avoid people who might have bad influences, but yet listen to the dull and ignorant, they too have their stories.
    We are the future of this world, its up to you to make this world what you want it to be. Avoid comparing yourself to others, you might become bitter and vein....Dont be afraid, true fears are made by lonliness. Have faith in whatever you belive, might it be God, or another, we all are heading to the same place some day....Take pride in your beliefs, dont try to hide yourself to fit in. Watch what you say, it could pay a price early on...Avoid the loud and abnoxious, they are vexatious to the spirit. No one is going to hand you something on a silver platter, earn it, it feels much better.... Strive to be the best, it'll pay off in the end..And always remember that theres nothing that bad in the world to kill yourself over, its a chickens way out of life....Make good decisions, but yet bad are not always what you think they are, they make you learn the price.....

    I live by that everyday and it feels good to live by it..
  13. How life should be lived imo?

    Well we each have like's and dislikes that we cannot fully(sometimes even partially) account for. We should be able to do what we like, when we like, if it does not cause harm to others(harm can include physical harm, mental harm such as offense etc, or harm to one's property/wealth). Also, you should do things you don't necessarily like if they are helping out a friend or humanity. This helps people get past their difficulties with the help of others, instead of by themselves; allowing for a fair and productive society.

    I see the scale, used metaphorically, as the most important tool in life. Decisions must be weighed on this scale and carefully thought out before hand. Consequences, be them definate or possible, must be realized before decisions are made.

    Also imo, I don't see the need for absolute religions. I believe we should all accept the fact that a God may or may not exist and that no religion is definitely correct.

    As far as politics, I am no expert, but I believe we need some major changes. We need laws to be made by a concensus of citizens, not some rich white folk only elected because they compromised their morals to get funds from outside sources in return for favors detrimental to society. If we must keep things the way they are we should atleast change the way we do elections. The candidates should all have equal funds for their campaigns.

    Equity is also a very big issue. Why should millions starve while Bill Gates sits on billions of dollars? I say make 1 billion the cut off point and give the rest away. Greedy fucks piss me off.

    Last but not least, life should be lived sustainably, which means that we should not do things to harm the environment beyond repair. At the rate we're going our great grandkids won't be able to have great grandkids.

    Well I guess that's it for me, for now atleast.
  14. I'd have to disagree with you THCcrystals.....The part with 1 billion dollar cut off?I think that if we earned it, its ours, fair game....Bill gates is not greedy, he has some charities...How would you like work so fuckin hard in life and then get a huge reward like 100 billion dollars....Then 99 billion is taken away from you because its not fair?I disagree but its your opinion....Btw dont get offended, I like ya just voicin what I think, so dont take it as a flame=P....
  15. I think you should live your life however you want.

    The government has no right to stop you from living the way you want. Law and order should still be held up somehow, but for the major crimes like murder, theft, child molestation, stuff like that. It's wrong for them to have the ability to take away years of my life if I decide to grow some plants and get caught. As long as there is no victim, it shouldn't be a crime. Life is way too short to spend it in prison, especially for something that stupid.

    I also think we should abolish the monetary system, and go to some form of a bartering system. Money has no real use or function, why use it for trade? It'd make more sense to trade a tool for food, or something like that.

    I also think that mankind should work to better itself as a whole, and not get stuck in this rut of greed, war, and corruption.

    This will never happen, of course, but I can always dream.

  16. Amen.
  17. i agree with dead chimp, i mean you should be able to live and do what ever you want to do,lets take weed for example since all us here do it, who are your parents or the goverment to tell u not to smoke, you have only so long on this earth and as far as im consernd one life to live, if smokin makes you happy then by all means do it. dont let other people controll the one and only life u have, all this people consernd about not eating fatty foods and not doing this and not doing that, jst do what makes you happy this is your life dont let other people tell u how to live it.

    but at the same time there are people out there that take pleasure in killing innocent people and shit like that so goverments are created and laws are inforced so i dont know what the answer is, it things like that, that keep all the rest of us from jst enjoying are life and living it without people tellin us what to do
    my 2cents
  18. i understand busting a drug dealer (who supplies drugs to kids) i understand busting a trafficer (who brings drugs to the country) but i CANNOT fathom why they are aloud to bust a person in their home smoking a couple joints??

    even someone at home smoking some heroin and pcp and coke and meth all wrapped into one big joint. aslong as they arent hurting anyone but themselves, and dont expect health care to fix them after, they should be aloud to do as they please.

    theres ALOT of funky rules out there, but take away one, and people will ask why not take away the next, and the next, and then there will be chaos.

    thats how i see it, either total control, or total chaos, the average person would never let it rest nicely in the middle.

    LIVE LIFE HAPPILY!! FUCK LITTLE THINGS. stop getting so choked over the pointless bullshit, especially that not controlled by you. You are living for a bunch of days. Just days. Stop dragging past memories into your future, stop letting fears of the future ruin today. This day is the one you are living. this day is the one you must survive through. if you get to tomorrow, then you have won. and now you may start again.

    you live 20000 short lives, not 1 all encompassing life.

    (and yes, i know 20000 days would make you over 300 years old, but you get my point ;) )

  19. Well did you know that currently we DO have enough food to feed EVERYONE in the entire world, yet millions still die of starvation(take a minute and think about this before reading on). Fuck Bill Gates' hard work, he is a murderer in my mind. He(along with all the other billionaires) is selfishly sitting on 40 some-odd billion dollars while millions die. Just because our gov't brainwashes us to believe Capitalism is the best system for us DOES NOT mean that it is true. Bill Gates does not give a fuck. He gives away a few million here and there not to look like a greedy sob, but he hasn't given away any subsatntial percentage of his wealth. Also, did you know that the US, although they have they highest gnp, they give away the least percentage of it to charities. We are greedy fucks and the billionaires are the greediest of us all.
  20. to the risk of sounding redundent:

    I live my life as I think I should: I don't do to noone what I wouldn't want anyone to do to me.


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