Your Top PS3 Games (Recommend Some for Me)?

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  1. My Current Library
    Dead Space Series
    Bioshock Series
    Assassin's Creed Series
    Killzone Series
    Uncharted Series
    Ratchet & Clank Series
    Resistance Series
    Are there any games you guys can recommend that you absolutely loved? How is Mass Effect? I don't play video games that often but I have played a lot of major ones and feel that all the games I have now are good purchases.

  2. suggestplssssssss
  3. LOL If you ever read my posts in the gaming section here, I'm always going on about Fallout.. but seriously, it's my favourite game of all time. Give it a go :)
    - Saints row 2/3
    - Fallout 3
    - Fallout New Vegas
    - GTA 4/Episodes from liberty city
    - Tomb raider
    I enjoy Mass Effect, I bought the trilogy in work. Still getting through it.
    i will check them out my friend! thanks
  5. add me if you want, my gamer tag is Twee420 (original, I know haha)
  6. The Last of Us. You can thank me later ;-)

    i actually am watching a review on gametrailers right now. so far it just looks like an average zombie game idk
    At the very least rent it from gamefly/redbox. The story is incredible.
    hmm i do like a good story, ill check it out
    fallout 3 apparently has a lot of DLC, is the game even worth getting unless i buy all that shit? also why is fallout 3 so big and the other two games are almost unheard of??
    Nah, I don't have any DLCs/add ons for Fallout 3. Doesn't take away from the game at all if you decide not to go with the add on.
    I agree, it's amazing game. Proving to be mighty popular! I was working on the release day for it, we got three deliveries on the release day (One at 8am, one at midday and the other about in the late afternoon) and we still can't hold on to it. I still have a stack people on the waiting list for the next shipment we get in.
  11. i actually am watching a review on gametrailers right now. so far it just looks like an average zombie game idk
    The reviews dont give it justice imo.

    I would also recommend Infamous 1+2 and any of the God of War games.

  12. well i hope these games are as good as you guys say!
    fallout 3 review didnt make it seem too spectacular : /
    im not big on game "series" in general, it seems like after the first or second the game in a series, composers are just trying to force out  new games for money; same engine, same shit new game. and this is in A LOT of cases
    that being said, what differentiates GTA IV from the rest in the series? i've played others before on PS2
    it got a fucking 9.8/10! bit high no? : O
  14. Right! It should have gotten that 10. Hahaha. 

    Also,  gta 4 is Preeeetty different than the others. Mostly in the mechanics of walking, fighting, driving, etc. It just all FEELS different. The story was awesome though, and there's still that same humor. I'd recommend it.
  15. it got a fucking 9.8/10! bit high no? : O
    The review numbers were great yes, the gameplay and most footage in them were meh.

    Also I forgot about Demon Souls great game but you may want to buy a backup controller or two.

    according to the review it's just like the other games though... "someone tells you they dont like someone, you drive to the location and kill them, and it repeats" : /
  17. i'd like to ask about this too....just recently got another ps3, after not having one for a couple years, so i've missed out on a lot of games.
    is dark souls any good? i keep hearing good things about it, but i've also heard is really hard to it worth buying?
  18. Look, just hop on youtube and look up the gameplay for a game and decide. That's how I do it & Your welcome.

    GTA4 is great and a game that will last a while.

    Ladt Of Us just looks completely badass.

    Call of Duty BO2 if you want to pass time and get angry at online play.

    Boarderlands 1/2 my Favorite ever!

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  19. The Last of Us is hands down the best game that I have EVER played!!!!
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    Borderlands 2.... not your same tired FPS
    Red Dead Redemption unique awesome open world western adventure
    The Last of Us - great story, true survival horror adventure     if you like zombie games this is where its at
    GTA Episodes from Liberty City-  lots of fun, if it turn out you really enjoy the GTA experience then get GTAIV
    Skyrim....yes I know tons of freezes & hiccups but it really is an epic game that will entertain you for a long time
    Batman Arkham City - a blast once you get the combat gameplay down, if you like super heroes/villains its a must....very cool game
    IMO Mass Effect is okay, jus start @ the beginning with the original
    Check out for used games, found some keepers on the site with people willing to work with you cost-wise.
    Happy gaming!! :smoke:

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